Who wins? Batman vs. Batman

They are both prepared.

Batman would have prepared for that.

Batman, of course.

Which Batman? Animated Batman or Adam West Batman or Movie Batman?

Sub on the Movie Batman: Michael, Val, or George?

An encounter such as that would create a paradox so powerful that the very fabric of the universe would tear itself apart, causing an event so apocalyptic no human is capable of even imagining what it might be like.

WB animated Batman beats them all. He’s got the skills, the no-nonsense attitude, a costume that actually lets him turn his neck, and the coolest vehicles.

This was done recently.



This was done in the comics, after Knightfall. Batman won.

Except his massive shoulders would get stuck in an average sized doorway. Adam West or movie Batman could just run through house, circle around and kick him in the nuts while he tried to get out of the front door.

Good points, everyone. My money’s on Batman.

Animated Batman used to get his ass kicked all the time – even by girls!

I don’t know. TV Batman would really hurt his elbows running through a tight space. Ever see those arms swing?

whichever one has the 1920’s style death ray.

Oddly enough, the tightly closed jar of pickles manages to pull out the victory.

Ya know, all this talk about Batman being invincable with enough preptime is kind of silly in any comic book universe.

I mean, Spider-Man has created “special” (Rubber web to take out Electro, super strong web, etc.) web formulas countless times to defeat the bad guys, and that’s basically prep time. Punisher in
the 80’s and 90’s “always” had a plan “b” (like the emergency scuba gear under every pier in the harbour) ready.

So what if Bats takes a little more time to get ready on occasion?

Except possibly Batman, if given time to think about it.

also, which animated Batman? Old school or the new WB crap? (He looks just like Superman - I never understood)

If both Batman’s are prepared, the Known Multiverse implodes and kills God.

Hopefully they both kill each other and RID THE WORLD OF THESE STUPID THREADS!!!

[sub]Did I say that out loud?[/sub]

Hey! Look! A huge distracting thing!