Who won the *WWTMTLAACAD? pool?

*Who wants to marry then leave a allegedly creepy, abusive, deadbeat?

It didn’t take Darva long to come to the same conclusion the teeming millions did, that Rick is just weird.

The wife left him already? According to his statement, she was merely “getting some rest”, which I took to mean that he shipped her off to the loony hatch or something

(New and Improved Version)


She was on TV this morning telling the world she’d made a mistake. Her story:

She entered the contest on a whim, didn’t think she’d win, felt pressured to go through with it when she did.

Apparently the first kiss was was enough to do him in – she thought a gentleman would have given her a peck on the cheek.

Two smart things she said:

  1. She didn’t have sex with him, just like she wouldn’t have sex with any man she’d just met. She said the marriage didn’t change the morals of it.

  2. She said she’d spent her life building up a reputation of integrity and she blew it all in two hours.

We can only hope this gives the whole concept such a bad name that it never, ever, ever comes up again.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.