Who would survive the longer?

help settle an argument with a ten year old.

Who would survive the longer -

an unprotected human of average build and health

a) cast into the vacuum of space or

b) placed in the open on the surface of Venus?

You might have up a minute or so in space, on Venus you’d instantly be crushed and toasted or the Amazons would get you.

Well according to Scientific American, your average uprotected human would last a few minutes in space. The surface of Venus? Hard to say whether you’d be fried instantly by the 460oC temps or squished by the 92 x Earth atmospheric pressure - either way it would be pretty instantaneous.

Darn you Astro, darn you to heck - and your appropriate username too!.

Yup, I bet Venus for the squishage! I’m figuring you would pretty much instantly be a chalky deposit due to pulverisation and evaporation.

And do tell us how the bet turned out. Where you smarter than a fifth grader?

Don’t forget that the air on Venus is mostly sulfur dioxide. At least the heat and squashage would be less painful than the lung corrosion.

Oh yeah, I totally own the little punk!! This is in some way recompense for his regular thrashing of me at one-on-one basketball.