Who would win between a chipmunk & a field vole?

Sure, they’d probably never fight in the wild, but maybe we can put them in a big laundry basket and poke at them with sticks. Or else starve them until they’re hungry enough to eat each other. But which would win? I think the field vole is a bit larger, but the chipmunk is more agile. So what do you think?

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Skip the sticks. As long as the whole deal’s a setup, let’s make’em rabid.

I’ll bet you and jayburner went to school togeather. :slight_smile:

The feild vole would surely win because the chipmunk would be carried off and eaten by a red-tailed hawk. But it would be a short-lived victory, as a cat would take out the feild vole after a while

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The Vole would probably win. It is a rodent and thus a meat eater. The chipmunk is a squirrel and I don’t believe they eat meat.
Of course if the chipmunk which is probably 10 times larger stepped on the vole it might take the vole longer to beat the shit out of the munk. However this is not a scientific answer . I would suggest the previous post suggesting the use of a clothes basket and some sticks as your experiment. I and I’m sure that I speak for most of the Dopers await with baited breath the results of your test. :wink:

Not if the field vole has a machine gun.

Sorry, the above was meant as a reply to Wood Thrush

I say we hang a necklace of acorns around the Field Vole’s neck.

That’ll even it up some!


As I recall chipmunks are rodents.

Not much it won’t, Voles are nasty little buggers. Ever wonder why they usually end up being one of the “villain animals” in childrens tales along with weasels, ferrets, stoats, etc etc?
I doubt a chipmunk would stand much of a chance against a vole.

Yeah, that “Goldilocks and the Three Ferrets” always give me the creeps.


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Newsflash: These animals are all grouped as rodents!

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The winner takes on the shrew.

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the chipmunk would frag the vole’s ass…you ever hear a chipmunks warcry…its something you will never forget…