Who would win if they got in a fight?

It, Them or the Thing?

The Thing would consume Them.

Which “It” do you mean? B-movies in the 50’s and 60’s were full of critters called “it”.

It’s Alive!
It Came from Beneath the Sea
It Came from Outer Space
It Conquered the World
aka It Conquered the Earth
It! The Terror from Beyond Space
It Fell from the Flame Barrier

Cousin It from The Addams Family would be dead meat against either of the other two.

On the other hand, the aliens in It Came from Outer Space were at least as intelligent as humans, and humans beat both Them and the Thing.

I haven’t seen any of the others, so I cannot speculate.

One of my favorite sites used to be the Comic Book Universe Battles page, where people proposed various “who would beat who?” scenerios. You can still read the archives of previous battles there, but alas, they’ve retired from posting any new fights.

Heck, include all the its and the Blob.

I’d say the it’s have a clear advantage owing to their superior numbers.

Lumpy, there’s always Grudge Match.

Them. Van Morrison kicks ass.

The Doors made a giant ant movie?