Who Wouldja Do, If You Swung The Other Way?

Esprix said in GD:

I thought this was a remarkable admission from a guy who’s generally reacted to the idea of sex with women with, “Ewww!”

So in the Esprix spirit, I would put on my list:

[ul][li]Wilson Jermaine Heredia (who played Angel in Rent)[/li][li]Noah Wylie (from TV’s ER)[/ul][/li]
Who wouldja do, celebrity-wise, if you played for the other team (that is, the team other than the one you play for now)?

  • Rick

Noah Wylie??? You’re a damn fruit, Bricker!

Yet to be reconciled with the reality of the dark for a moment, I go on wandering from dream to dream.

Pamela Lee…who WOULDNT do her?
Drew Barrymore.

Let’s see:

Sharon Stone…she’s just gorgeous
Courtney Cox Arquette (my husband would love that)
Kate Winslet (he’d love that even more :))

There’s probably more that I’d think of if I did swing the other way. For now, that’s it.

Yeah, well… I figured I was cheating the spirit of the question with Heredia, who after all played a really good looking woman in the show… so I had to come up with someone really male, and Wylie was my choice. C’mon – he’s kinda cute, don’t you think?


  • Rick

Already did this thread a few months ago . . . I think it was called “Only Bisexuals Can’t Play.”

Now that the search function is up again . . .

By the way, my answer was Ute Lemper.

Hey, Bricker, Wilson goosed me when I did the Rent line, and my sister lived with Noah’s cousin in LA. He’d drop by for coffee every Sunday. I have scrubs signed by him.

Doncha wish you were me?

While it’s not original, Angelina Jolie.

Actually, at the risk of further exposing myself to charges of fruitiness… I wouldn’t. She’s awful. She’s plastic. And she’s an idiot.

No Pamela for me.

  • Rick

Oh, come on, man! If you’re gonna switch, switch.

Michael Madsen

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Oh, dear, I think I’ve passed into “regular poster” - someone posted a thread based on something I said. :slight_smile:

And I wouldn’t “have sex” with Ms. Loren - we’d make SWEET LOVE down by the fire!

(And, well, Jeri can just assimilate me any time!)

All this reminds me of a quote by comedian Bob Smith:

Esprix, who considers himself 9.99999R% straight, only because he doeesn’t believe in extremes

Ask the Gay Guy!

OK, here was that other thread, in case people don’t wanna repeat themselves:

Lots of new posters here since last July! (To include me, I might add…) :slight_smile:

To the “If you’re going to switch, switch” comment… hey, best I can do. I could never even begin to picture a romantic interlude between me and, say, Tom Selleck. Sorry. Androgynous men are as far as I can possibly even speculate.

  • Rick

Count me as another against the whole idea of Pamela Lee…blech, no matter which angle I’m coming from.

If I had to pick someone, it would be the chick who played the wife in The Unbearable Lightness of Being…Juliet Binoche? Is that her name?

If I switched teams? Hmmmm…

I don’t think I would object to “making it so” with Patrick Stewart…

homey don’t play that way

Pamela? Oh, huh-uh. Icky. I’d go more for Angelina Jolie, Gillian Anderson or Meg Ryan. Personalities to go with the looks…

“I hate it when they ain’t been shaved.” -ND

I wouldn’t touch P. Lee with a twenty-foot steel pole. She’s simply a skank.

Good lord, I can’t believe I’m gonna answer this question…

Edward Norton
Ben Aflick
Ryan Stiles
David Duchovny

So, < ahem > how about that Miami Heat?

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

Ok, maybe not pamela Lee herself, but that type…ultra feminine. Not manly like Ellen or anything. Ewww.

Esprix, might I say that I have very much enjoyed seeing you around, welcome to the board! And yes I do have a brother, but he is very married. Sorry. I DO have a gay cousin though, (tried to set him up with angkins once!) but alas, he is a priest now.

Switch or not, I could chew the face right off that Angelina Jolie! talk about Mountable!

Gina Gershon. In a heartbeat.