Who WOULDN'T you want reading your posts on here?

NOT including your boss.

This is because I’d predict a lot of “My boss, to see that I haven’t been working/browsing the boards on company time/etc”

I mean people who you’ve insulted on here or said things about. Or maybe things you’ve revealed about yourself that you wouldn’t want a particular person to ever read. Or maybe you come here just to get away from the real world for a bit and relax, in which any number of different people could be on your list.

But name, at the very least, one person that you’d never want reading your posts (all of them) on here.
For me…my mother. Are you kidding? I’ve used bad language here. :eek:

Parents and friends.

You know, I don’t think I’ve ever insulted someone on here (board member or real-life friend), I’m pretty circumspect about what I post on here about my personal life, and I’m not even close to being an outspoken poster around here, but I don’t think I’d really want anyone I know reading my posts. I don’t know what it is, but I see this as my little personal space away from all those people. I’ve mentioned the board to a couple people, but I don’t think any of them have actually looked at it and I wouldn’t mention my board name in any case.

So, I’m going to say everyone.

Hmmm…probably my mother, and possibly my sister. From time to time I post in sexually explicit posts and while I’m not ashamed of my sex life I don’t want to share it with my MOM. (I know, I know, but I don’t mind sharing it with strangers). Actually I’m very open about it IRL as well. And to a certain extent do “delicately” discuss certain aspects with my mom, but some aspects…well…you know.

Also, my sister and mom share somewhat different political views than I do, and yeah, we’ve had some rather heated arguments about them in real life, so we all basically try to take a “well we won’t discuss that any further” kindoof tack on that subject. I think possibly they may be hurt by some of what I feel politically.

They, expecially my mom tend to lean right. I loathe the rabid right AND the rabid left. I’m not sure what I am exactly, but I do know that many of my views drive them bonkers.

My sister’s ONE left leaning (and it’s severe in my book) type view is that toward homeless folks. While in many other ways, she’s at least right “light”, she’s an utter bleeding heart when she comes to panhandlers and the homeless.

Anyway, sorry I distracted myself. Case in point, I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings further by having her see the, from her view, “harsh” way I see some of her opinions.

My parents. They’d get several big surprises, poor dears.

My mom. And just thinking about a recent poop & fart thread I posted to, my new girlfriend. Although that may change over time.

Actually, I think I’m pretty much in the clear. That either means I’m a confident, well-balanced person, or I just need more real-life relationships.

Yeah, I know which one it is, too. I need a hug.

Anyone who I haven’t told that I’m bi. (Parents, some friends.)

Can’t think of anyone. On the boards, as IRL, I don’t say anything about anyone I’m not willing to say to their face. And, on the boards as IRL, I don’t talk about my sex life.

My mom, my kids, several of my co-workers, my ex, the last two guys I’ve dated, some of the people in my church…

I have a good friend who is a member here (Lillith Fair) so I sometimes self-censor, but for the most part I never say anything I wouldn’t say in person. But some people might interpret momentary snarkiness as something more serious, so I tell very few people about this place.

I don’t tell family members about the boards, but more because this is my place, if you know what I mean. It’s certainly not that I’m at all embarassed about what I post. I’m me, either in RL or here.


Considering how long-lasting the Boards are, and how anyone can search them or browse through them, think people ought to take Will Rogers’ advice (slightly edited for the Modern World):

“Just live your life so that you wouldn’t mind the Message Board being accessible to the Towmn Gossip.”
Actuall that’s true for the entire internet. I’m amazed at siome of the things I’ve written that have shown up on the 'Net – including things that I’ve never submitted anywhere in electronic form. We live in a fishbowl now.

My Mom, she would be devastated that I’m not a Christian any more, and hence destined for the fiery pit. She never got over my Dad dying an atheist, and I’d rather not put her through anything like that again.

My mother.

I’ve vented a lot about her on these boards, and asked for sympathy and advice. If she read it it wouldn’t be the end of the world…but take it this way. I recently began the process of telling her some of these things, rather than an anonymous message board, and she cut communication off with me. :frowning:

I can’t think of anyone. My participation here is light. Limited often to thoughts of support or welcomes. I occasionally will voice an opinion, but not one that I would care if people knew.

Everyone. That is almost everyone because at least three people I have known IRL have joined the boards after they saw me using it. They have never commented on anything I wrote IRL and vice versa. I would never let even my wife know what I write. I am a very private person though. It is not that much of what I write is bad or would be that uncomfortable to someone but I prefer not to take that chance.

I used to teach Psychology at a small liberal arts college in New England. I knew some of my students were dopers so I always tried to keep my anonymity on the boards. I still do to some extent.

Mmmm… if we’re talking about each and every post, everybody. I’ve said a number of things I regret.

OTOH, if we’re talking about the general tenor of things, or just recent posts, nobody. I think it would actually help matters if my parents were to read my posts. Most of my freinds would see a side of my they normally don’t.

I’ve never badmouthed anyone from real life on here, I don’t think… Well, my husband once, but I wouldn’t mind him reading it – in fact, I told him about it.

So, I’d say 97% of my posts would be 100% safe for anyone who knows me to read. There are just a few posts (yes, posts about sex) that I would rather keep from my parents and kids – not out of shame, really (there’s nothing extraordinary in any of them), but just because it would skeeve them out to read some of it, probably. And it would skeeve me out to have them read them – who wants to read whether or not their daughter or mother swallows, you know? Or let their parents or kids know that they do?

My spouse.

Not that I’ve done anything wrong, but I wouldn’t want them to find out I have a geeky, freeky side that would be termed by some as immature.