Whoa, commando style

I took a shirt instead of a pair of boxers into the bathroom with me when I took a shower just now… and I put on my shorts and figured: I’ll get some boxers on later. But now, I’m trying to figure out the point of wearing boxers, because my shorts feel almost just like them.


Hanging brains

There is no point. Join the Commandos!

Ok, first, what do you look like?

Just kidding. Wouldn’t the appendage get knocked about (and I’m using the term appendage as a courtesy, here)?

Wouldn’t the soft part get hurt if it was pressed against a seam for a little to long? I’m thinking broken skin, blisters, lint dermatitis, exposure to radiation etc, etc. :eek:


Public viewing.

One more layer between yourself and the outside world.
“No matter how you squirm and dance, the last two drops go on your pants.”

“The only thing between him and us is a thin layer of gabardine!”

No way would I go commando in public. For lounging around the house, yea. But I don’t want my naughty bits just hanging out there. Besides, what if your zipper breaks?

Kilts have no zippers.

That is one seriously great thread title.

Getting caught in the zipper :eek: is a damned good reason for men to wear underpants, whatever the style.

Trust me, I have some experience with this. Don’t try it at home.

Actually, do try it at home. I just don’t want to know about it.

Commando style rocks!

[cue Mission Impossible music]

I am in the “Commando Rocks” category…being a chick, it’s three weeks a month and there’s nothing like going without underwear to feel free and good.

Me loves going Commando.

Going commando is fine for men, but it makes it more difficult to disguise your “excitement” in public. Thats a good enough reason for me to wear underwear.

Yeah, between the room for problems to grow, the chafing, and the tendency for things to get caught up in a tight squeez while sitting, I don’t like it. Some of those go for boxers, too.
And why is it “commando”? I’ve never heard.

[old joke]
Just make sure you wear two pairs of pants if you go golfing!
[/old joke]