Whoa! SETI might have found something...


Well, it certainly would be cool, but then again, they’re waiting to unveil the ‘evidence’ at some convention they’re promoting. That in itself makes me pretty skeptical. Wouldn’t they want people to know right away?

What do you guys think?

BOOOOOOOOOOGUUUUUUUUUS! But we’ll see. :wink: Has SETI always been in the business of UFOs? I thought they were concerned with stuff like radio signals.

Well, their main purpose seems to be listening but I guess they watch too. Makes sense.

Be really neat, if it’s true. I don’t think I’ll be running out and buying any Purina ET chow just yet.

I think I’ll wait until something a bit more mainstream then “UFO Magazine” breaks the story.

They don’t defy explanation. In fact, they are trivially easy to explain… if you understand how astronomical imaging works. Clearly, those UFO folks don’t. I just put a page up about htis on my website: Planet X and SOHO Imaging.

What further proof of aliens do we need than the presence of Rael?


Oh crap! L. Ron Hubbard is back! Look busy!


Elron is back? Ready the missile batteries!

He’ll never land alive.

:: evil ::

Well - SETI stands for “Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”. They use radio telescopes to find (or try to find) signals that match those of intelligent life.

SETI’s home.

Or are you just pulling my leg?


Um, I don’t think I’m pulling your leg. But UFO stands for “Unidentified Flying Object”. That’s not the same thing as what SETI is looking for with radio observations. Right? They’re looking for signals sent out by aliens from other stars, not photographs of aliens on earth.

So, will this include a couple 1000 year old harriers as well…

All reports I’ve read online (including from the guy on the team that built the sattelite) say it’s nothing more than oversaturation on the CCD image sensor and is a common occurence and well documented.

Why do people still think that aliens would travel in a “flying saucer?” Isn’t this an unlikely form for a spaceship?

I prefer the Starship Enterprise theory. Make it the shape that works for the parts inside of it, since it’s NOT designed ever to enter an atmosphere.

Always glad to bring Star Trek into a rigorously scientific discussion…


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