Whoa - swine flu again?

I was pretty sick in 2009 with what didn’t turn out to be swine flu, but it made me a bit nervous and germaphobe-y there for awhile.

I was checking some online flu reporting, and found that it might be rearing its ugly head again, although it might be too soon to tell:

Monroe County Fair
Butler County Fair
County Fair in Indiana

Lesson to take away: don’t go hang out with the pigs at the county fair.

Ugh, I had swine flu in early 2010 and it knocked me out for a good month! So, you have good reason for concern, teela brown. It took a day to go from annoying cough to full-blown fever and chills. The fever lasted a couple weeks while the infection set up in my lungs with lots of awesome rattling and wheezing. I believe yearly flu vaccinations now cover swine flu. Regardless, I have my antibodies… Also, I was born in 1976 so I might have had some exposure to the 70’s epidemic. If you’re a young’un you have more reason to worry. Old? It’s survivable but awful.