Whoa Whoa...Wolverine is a girl?

Anyone care to explain this? the Capt. America and the Thor covers aren’t females…did I miss something here?

That isX-23. A female clone of Wolverine.

That’s not Wolverine. I forget who that is because I don’t read comics any more, but Wolvie has three claws in each hand not two.

Not Wolverine, or even Rule 63 Wolverine. Note the number of claws. That’s X-23.

Who’re you lookin’ at…bub?

It means she never gets rid of the cancer, it also heals instantly.

She’s also got claws on her feet.

Is it weird that I find her totally hot?

Not weird until you start to wonder if she has to shave her sideburns.

No since I just logged on to say…essentially…that same thing.

Makes me wonder why they didn’t do a Deadpool Breast Cancer Awareness cover.

Wait, I think I just answered my own question.

Wolverine is a short, violent Canadian known for jumping around and using blades.

I personally think that an artificially created female clone (I understand that the justification was that the genes they cloned her from had a damages Y chromosome, so they copied the X chromosome to make a female clone) would carry those traits a lot better. :wink:

In response to your edit:

X-23 is actually surprisingly awesome. Her solo minis and series are well worth the read.

Whoa whoa whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa…whoa! Lois, this is not my Batman glass!

Yeah X-23.

I learned of her through one of the X-men cartoon shows where she and Wolvy fought and another time she ran away from the orginization that made her and she came to Wolvy for help. Also wasn’t she in the Wolverine movie? I think that was her.

I’m inclined to trust you on this one.


I was hoping Wolverine would show up to answer this and, behold, he was the first one.

Was the oriental girl in the 2nd movie (yes, with the built-in knives) meant to be an Expy of X-23?

OOC, if one were interested in catching up, does one just get the X-23 TPBs volumes 1, 2, and 3 in order and call it a day? Or do the other TPBs (e.g., Innocence Lost, the thing with Daken – who I have only a passing familiarity with – go in between somewhere)?

No, that was Deathstrike. Plenty of variations on this theme, I guess.