Whoah! Firefox just auto-updated to a BETA version?

That can’t be right. I just got a message saying Firefox needed to be restarted in order to apply updates - nothing abnormal about that, but the post-update page I was shown said this:

Is it just me, or is this a bad move? Pushing a Beta out as an automatic update? since when has that been a good idea?

I just got an auto-update, but it didn’t say anything about being a Beta version. This is the page I got. (I’m on a Mac, btw.)

Maybe in your preferences you’ve got a box checked that says you’re willing to be a beta tester or something? I don’t see any such thing in the preferences panel, but it’s a thought.

Same as jackelope. I just updated on two computers, and nothing about a beta.

Me three.

That’s the first thing I checked. Can’t see anything there.

I’m posting this from a different computer - and I just got the ‘new updates are ready to install’ message - I think it’s about to do the same here.

Interesting… it updated to (same as the other computer), but I just got the generic message Jackelope linked to above - I guess either the pre release testing they mentioned is now done, or maybe I got sent to an info page someone had forgotten to rewrite…

My home and work Firefoxes updated, and I was leery, but I didn’t get the Beta message, either.

You must be special. :slight_smile: