Whoah! Second time this week this has happened!

Earlier this week I was watching a movie on the Sci Fi channel whose story looked like it took place in the 1940s or so. People were walking around with brown trenchcoats, everyone was wearing hats, and some characters were in a muesem/bank meddling around with something supernatural. I began to think:

“Crap movie…but was it a theaterical release, or some straight to video drek? This movie has a ‘super-hero’ movie vibe to it…can’t place my finger on what it is…What was that crap superhero movie that came out a long time back with the guy in the black mask and the purple spandex suit? Phantom. Amazing Sci Fi never shows that piece of crap. They show all the other shit movies, but not that one…maybe this is it. It’s about time they play it…”

And even though there were no superheros in sight at the time, I was right. It was The Phatom, and it was crap. So terrible I had to sit down and watch the whole thing.

Just minutes ago I was/am watching a movie on the USA channel. It starts off in space, the camera is pointed towards a bright spaceship with all kinds of psychedellic colors, and we later see the inside of the ship. Now, before the camera even shows the inside of the ship, the name “Earth Girls are Easy” shows up in my head. I’ve never even seen this movie, not even a small clip. I’ve heard about it a little, and saw the DVD case at a walmart, but know practically nothing about it other than that it stars Jeff Gouldbloom. Strangely enough, it is that movie.

On a related note, at another board I visit, a long time member posted a picture of himself. I replied saying:

“Hey _____, you look friggin’ huge. How tall are you? 6’4?”

And he replied saying that’s exactly how tall he was.

I’m not implying I’m psychic or anything, but I’m pretty good at this blind guessing thing :slight_smile: .

Back in 1995, I think it was, my mom called me and says, “You know that sci-fi writer you like, Roger Zelazny?”

“He died,” I said, before she could continue. No, I hadn’t heard already. It was just instinctive—why else would she have heard anything about him? 'Course, there was just the weeniest chance that, for instance, he was going to be at a convention in her town, or something. But I got it in one.

Years ago, I was hostessing at a restaurant. One of the waitresses was on her break, and was about to start telling me an anecdote. “There was this girl—”

“Urban legend,” I thought. Sure enough, it was.

When 9/11 happened, “Only Time” by Enya had been getting radio play for about a week and a half. Somehow, I knew that that was going to become the “theme” song for the tragedy. And sure enough, it was used in a photo essay or whatever you call it, on the net.

Sure, things like that happen to me all the time.

The other day I parked my car in Manhattan and started walking down the street. I’ve recently heard of this place called the Happy Deli in Manhattan that has an excellent selection of beer. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cool if the Happy Deli were right around here? Wadda ya know. As I approached the corner I looked up and there it was. There’s only one in all of New York.

In August, I was walking through the living room where my wife was watching Julia Child on the Food network. I said outloud, “Damn, is that old bag still alive?” She died a few hours later.