Time for another episode of Name That Movie!

Y’ever have a vague memory of a movie that just wouldn’t ever entirely go away, no matter how cheese-laden you suspected it might actually be? I have such a mental itch, and the Cranial Cortizone, it does nothing!

Here’s the few clues I have:

  1. I believe I saw it in 1983 or 1984, but am absolutely certain I saw it no later than 1985. Thus, movies made after that time period can be ruled out.

  2. It may have seen a rental, or it may have been on one of the pay channels, such as HBO or (more likely) Skinemax.

  3. It was science-fiction-based, likely set on a spaceship out in the Great Black somewhere, with an alien that liked much like Ripley’s Alien as perhaps the Big Bad of the movie.

  4. It was likely softcore porn, at least in parts, as I recall a 2-woman shower scene, during which I seem to remember one of the women seducing the other (who was the film’s “good girl,” but I may be mistaken on this personality trait) – and of course we had nudity, if not full frontal.

  5. The “bad girl” at some point comes face-to-face with the Alien (who I think looked very much like *that *Alien, to include a prehensile tail used as a weapon, a la the Queen from Aliens). Why she stands still is a mystery, why she’s naked (if she is) is a mystery, but she allows the Alien to “probe” her with its phallic tail, becoming excited at its tender ministrations…until the tail rips her apart, emerging from the upper part of her body.

So, was this a porn ripoff of *Alien *that attempted to have a plot, and what I saw was the cleaned-up softcore version, with the graphic penetration scenes?

I haven’t seen this movie in nearly 30 years, but I bet someone here nails the answer in far less than an hour. The Dope is just that kinda place. :slight_smile:

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Is it perhaps Galaxy of Terror?

That was what I thought of when I read the OP, but the only part that applies to (sort of) is #4, as there was a seduction/rape/death scene involving an alien and a human female.

There’s no girl-girl shower scene in the movie tho, so I didn’t post it as an answer. Maybe the OP has mis-remembered tho. In any event, let me say that I love Galaxy of Terror. It’s a great idea and fairly well executed. The creepy parts are really creepy.

I could indeed be misremembering, as the friend whose house I watched this (and numerous other movies, straight-up porn and otherwise) at was quite the ladies’ man, despite being married*. He professed that his marriage was “open,” and his wife even agreed, until the few times when she didn’t. That couple was one for the books, and always a hoot to be around. They should’a sold tickets. :eek:

So, I’ll watch *Galaxy of Terror *and get back to you. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I remember seeing a girl-girl shower scene in the movie, so maybe I’m thinking of the wrong movie and it isn’t Galaxy of Terror.

Oh good; maybe someone can help me identify a movie I’ve been wondering about for a long time. When I was a kid in the early 80s, I was in a science program that involved, in part, seeing a bunch of apocalyptic movies (like the China Syndrome and the Andromeda Strain). There’s one movie I vaguely remember–something about how the world powers were anticipating a nuclear war, and so put the forests (or some representative sample thereof) into orbit to save them, where they were tended by some dude and a bunch of robots. The powers that be eventually decide to order the forests destroyed; dude objects and decides to disobey order, gets his friend robots and fights against someone (other people on board? robots?), is killed. I remember the last scene, which struck me as inexpressably sad at the time:

The last surviving robot, tooling around the forest, watering plants, all by itself.

Sophistry and Illusion - Silent Running.

I’d have answered faster, but I couldn’t remember the damn title or the year more precisely than ‘the 70s’, so I had to look through the list of 70s sci-fi on Wikipedia hoping to recognize the title.

Thanks! That’s the one.

There were a lot of Alien clones in the years following its release, and I haven’t seen them all. I’m guessing that this is one of them (but not Galaxy of Terror, which doesn’t fit the description, and isn’t an Alien clone). It might be Biohazard, which i have not seen.

One of Bruce Dern’s finest movies. Love it!

I think the OP’s movie, if it isn’t Galaxy of Terror, is Saturn 3.

I don’t see how. Saturn 3 only had one female character (Farrah Fawcett) so she wasn’t taking any showers with other women. (But Fawcett did have a nude scene in the movie.)

I took the liberty of posting your question the IMDb board, and one of the experts posited that your movie is Forbidden World (1982). This trailer has a brief glimpse of the girl-girl shower scene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk4_9skNrUw
There’s also a cameo appearance of Vasquez Rocks (aka Gorn Rock)!

Thanks, Earl! Just watching that trailer nudged memories, and I’m almost certain this is the one I’ve been thinking of. Off to watch it now – it’s a tough job, but someone has to verify that this is the *correct *nudity.:wink:

EDIT: And it makes perfect sense that this is a Roger Corman film.

Since we’ve answered the OP’s question, might I ask about another?

There was a late 70s/early 80s indie movie I recall. It was a satirical comedy, set mostly at a space exploration institute (thinly veiled stand-in for NASA) When the evil administrator’s budget is threatened, he has the lowly janitor hypnotized into believing that he is an alien from another planet. (Producing a “real live alien” will of course justify the exoribitant space-exploration budget that the administrator has really been lavishing on himself.

Before long, people are asking too many questions, so the evil administrator tries to have the “alien” eliminated. The “alien” escapes from the institute with the help of a woman who tries to convince him that he’s human.

Later, the “alien” winds up at a television transmitter station (obviously, the film is pre-cable TV) and patches into the feed. He then begins transmittting his own show in which he lays out in intense detail what he believes “the human race” is doing wrong, and then tells them what they should be doing instead.

I think Adam Arkin played the janitor/alien, and his girlfriend was played by one of the performers from “the Electric Company” (NOT Rita Moreno!)

It’s been about 30 years since I’ve seen it, does it ring a bell with anybody?

Last post: you nailed it, Earl, Forbidden World was the film I saw long ago. Thanks to all of you for your help!

Coming Soon: a list of vaguely-remembered film scenes for you folks to puzzle over. You guys literally *asked *for it by being so good! :smiley:

That was “Simon,” written and directed by Woody Allen’s old partner Marshal Brickman.