Help with the name of a movie

Hi, I have wasted almost all my day looking for the name of this movie in Google, I saw it when I was a teenager and I can’t remember the name, or the actors I only remember the plot

  • It is from the late 80s or early 90s
  • It is about a crew that goes to a space mission, it is a long trip so they are traveling in suspended animation, in this movie scientist believe that while traveling in that way you have to be dreaming to prevent madness or mind destruction so the spaceship’s computer recreates dreams for them.
  • The computer gets crazy and starts to kill the crew in the dreams so they die in real life too.
  • At the end one or two of the crew members fight the computer and wins then returns to earth only to see that is destroyed by war or something similar.
  • I think there is some nudity in the movie, some of the dreams have a topless woman killing one of the crew members or something like that.

I know it has some similarities with planet of apes, 2001 space odyssey and others, but don’t think that I mixed movies ha ha

Can you help me?


Sounds sort of like Nightflyers

Event Horizon?

thanks for answering

I looked for the movies you two said and they aren’t :frowning:

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDB board, and one of the experts there posited that your movie might be Alien Intruder (1993).

And another possiblity: Terminal Voyage (1994)

:open_mouth: it was Terminal Voyage (1994)

thank you very very much Earl Snake-Hips Tucker