Need help identifying space movie

I can’t recall the name or enough info to google. What I do remember…

The movie takes place in a space ship. The astronauts awaken from suspended animation not knowing where they are. They awaken at different times. There is mistrust. Apparently this has been going on a while as there are others on board who have evolved into other beings. The last shot shows the ship in a sea on another planet?

Ring any bells?

Sounds like Planet of the Apes, except for the distrust part. I think they argue about where they are, though.

Is thisthe ship?

No. Not that ship but similar. It’s not PotAs.

Sounds like Pandorum.

It sounds like Pandorum. The Wiki page has more plot description.

ETA: I am not Morbo. I only think and talk like him.

That’s it!! Thanks guys.

:mad: 24 minutes people!!! Where are our standards?:slight_smile: