Who'da thunk? [Spicy Food]

The Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich is, in fact, spicy.

Compared to what?

Compared to most fast-food chain foods.

Wendy’s is a step above those other fast food places. I love their spicy chicken sandwich and now I want one.

But their Baconator looks like a heart attack wrapped in a bun. Bleh.

The real question, of course, is: was it spicy enough to cause hallucinations in which Wendy actually starts talking to you, like in the commercial?

After you drown it in hot sauce, yeah, it is. Tasty too!

Silly yankee


It’s definitely spicyish. And reasonably tasty, for fast food. Just looking at the Baconator, though, makes me cringe - it’s just…too much

Spicy? Well, there’s some notable spice there, but really nothing served at a fast food joint is spicy, is it?

No, not even the Fire Sauce at Taco Bell is really all that spicy.

Okay, I’ll give you that. I generally refer to those sorts of things as “spicy flavored”.

Bwhaahhhaha. Notice where Tabasco is on this list. Silly Texan. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had some Satan’s Blood for lunch, which is roughly 350 times hotter than Tobasco sauce. I hadn’t known of Dave’s Limited, but just saw it on that link when I was looking up the scoville’s for the Satan’s blood earlier today. I’m a big fan of Dave’s Insanity, so I think I’m going to buy myself some Limited for Thanksgiving.

ETA: Just noticed you linked to Tabasco’s Habanero version. It’s decent, for a table sauce, but still on the very low end on the hotness scale (7,000).

I miss the Spicy Baconator. It was a Baconator with pepperjack and jalapenos and spicy sauce, and it was the love of my life. I only ever had three before they discontinued them. It was reasonably spicy, but nothing insane. I don’t like ultra-hot food, so this was a good thing.

The Baconator isn’t that bad. Two skinny little beef patties and 3 strips of bacon (they say 6, but they’re really short pieces), and if you’re hungry it’s not a problem.

Yeah, me either, which is why I was pleasantly surprised by the spicy chicken sandwich – actual spiciness without being macho about it.

Oh, don’t worry, I can fully appreciate that the Tabasco brand is not the hottest sauce on the market. I just thought it would be something the OP might have had a chance to see at one time or another up there in the great white north. Here in Austin we have a fine selection of locally made sauces that would make Mr. Scoville blush.

Spiciness/heat in food is generally in inverse proportion to the amount of chest-beating warnings that the restaurant or store engages in about the stuff. Hot food that has really blown my head off has almost invariably been given without a word. Fast food chains tend to have chilli versions of things that aren’t even discernibly chilli-flavoured, let alone having any heat.

There’s a Portuguese chicken burger chain in Australia that has a normal burger and a chilli version. The staff are trained to ask, “Sir, are you aware this comes with chilli?” when you order it. After many years, they’ve finally added a smallish amount of heat to the recipe, because before that, I couldn’t even detect chilli. I assume there were complaints.

The burgers are great, BTW. The locals will know, but any visitors to our shores should try at least one burger from Oporto.

I’ve had Bottled Hell before and that almost knocked me on my ass. Do you know where that rates on the Scoville scale?

Tis true, I was just taking the opportunity to take a jab at a Texan. My roommate lived in Austin for a long time, and he brings back this pretty awesome BBQ sauce every time he goes. It’s some pretty damn good stuff, a great balance of sweet and heat.

This is true, although the hottest chile I’ve ever had in a restaurant was at a place on the south end of Santa Fe called Horseman’s Haven. The entree was of a medium (restaurant) heat, but I had heard from many people they had the hottest chile around. So I asked for the hot stuff. I swear they added capsaicin extract of some sort. IMHO, capsaicin has a particular, almost chemical like taste to it. The difference is that with thinks like Wendy’s sandwich it just makes the food taste like it’s physically warmer than it actually is. Once things start getting hot, though, it’s like the surfaces in your mouth are actually being subjected to hot coals.

For the record, I wasn’t trying to be macho, but peppers are just such a way of life here in the great southwest that describing Wendy’s as spicy would get you a :dubious:. My dad and I always joke about my mom, though. For some reason, she always gets the “hottest piece” when we’re eating dinner together.

I can’t find any Scoville ratings, but it appears they now have a “MO HOTTER” version, similar to how Dave came out with the “Limited”.

For sure. There’s too much “oh, being macho, eh?” that surrounds hot food threads here. I love hot food, probably because of various paths and connections my life has taken me. I’m a card-carrying pussycat in enough areas of life, that I’m fine with that.

Has anyone had a chance to try those volcano tacos at Taco Bell? Are they actually hot, or are the commercials full of crap?

About as hot as the Wendy’s spicy chicken. :wink: