whole body armor suit ...g-man suit? survives grizzly attacks?

I remember several years ago seeing this guy on tv, (oprah and stuff) that had made this suit that you could survive a grizzly bear attack, or being hit by a car, or a baseball bat…

It gave head to toe total armored protection. He could barely move in it, but he said on one of the shows that he was building one that provided 95% freedom of movement…

But I cannot find anything about this guy or his suit. I cannot even find any old information on it.

Anyone know what the heck i am talking about?

What was this guys name? Is he still building these suits?

They always seemed to me to be the future of law enforcement or military gear.

I believe it’s called Project Grizzly. I remember the guy from a Penn and Teller show a couple years ago.


Troy Hurtubise was also the winner of the 1998 Ig Nobel Award for Safety Engineering.

He’s one of the few winners to show up at the ceremony to accept his award, and has also given speeches at subsequent Ig Award ceremonies.

My favorite line:

Bolding mine.

Well, I s’pose I applaud his dedication…

This link will give you the equations for the displacement calculations.

Pontoons: how big to make them?

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As I recall hes only tested it on one bear. A sedated female one… Other than that at least hes smart enough not to go head to head with a full grown kodiak…

The only footage I saw of testing the suit on bears was when he layed down in a garbage dump and moved when a black bear got close. It swatted air in his direction and ran off. To the best of my knowledge, that’s the extent of practical field testing the suit has undergone as per it’s intended use.

In university on Canada’s west coast this guy was mentioned a few times, and the general consesus among those who had been around bears was that this suit wasn’t very practical (to put it quite mildly) in a setting where you’d encounter bears. You’d be able to take a beating, but you’d be a very slow moving meat-filled piniata to determined bears who pry off car doors to get at a peanut butter sandwich.

Not to say the suit wouldn’t have other uses though, … if nothing else you could rent it out at $1000/day and have your friends run you down with their cars and shoot you with a shotgun for kicks :D!