Whole contents of books you must share

Ordinarily Ludwig took much pleasure in the ride to Schloss Donnerberg, especially on a day like this, with a fresh-fallen snow sparkling under a briliant sun. But today, with the news he bore…

:slight_smile: Copyright violation? What copyright violation? :slight_smile:

… the road was bleak and dark as the chimney he had hidden in when he was a boy, while frolicking in the wide and ominous house when his Mummy and Pa were away for the evening. These words he had to tell were of such matters that…

Who keeps censoring my posts? I spend six days typing 343 pages, and this is the thanks I get. What ever happened to my First Amendment rights. ;).

Call me Ishmael…zzzzzzzzzzzz

Popokis, funny you should say that. That is one of my names.

Captain McAllister, on The Simpsons: “Arr, I’ve got some customers…call me back, Ishmael.”