Whom do you like as Tim Russert's replacement?

According to the Hutch Report at


NBC has chosen Tom Brokaw to host Meet the Press throughout
2008. The website doesn’t speculate if Brokaw’s appointment will
be permanent.

Meanwhile, the kos


is running a poll of its short list of Russert’s successors:

David Gregory
Chris Matthews
Andrea Mitchell
Chuck Todd(of anyone
Tom Brokaw
Bill Moyers
Joe Scarborough

My preference, Jon Stewart, is not on that list (or anyone else’s, I suppose). IMHO, he’s quick, witty, political, smart as hell, and has handled interviews of all sorts of pols rather skillfully. Stewart would be great as the new host of MtP.

Whom do you think is most qualified to fill Tim Russert’s shoes? You needn’t select from the above people.

Hey! I mentioned Jon Stewart in the original ‘Who will replace Russert’ thread!

That’s a toughie. Gregory’s too full of himself, Matthews like the sound of his own voice too much, Scarborough could never be objective, and Mitchell isn’t assertive enough.

I like Todd a lot–I think he could come in with lots of hard numbers and has a deferential style that could bring really killer questions under the radar. I just don’t know if he’d be a good enough facilitator when it came to round table discussions or when two opposing camps are being interviewed together.

It’ll be interesting to watch how Brokaw does. He (and Moyers) may be a bit out-of-practice for this sort of thing (being an anchor-type removes you from close-quarter confrontations), but if anything might light a fire under them, this election cycle should do it.

If they aren’t from Buffalo, they won’t be a true replacement.

That means Wolf Blitzer, and … uhh …

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Apparently it’s going to be Brokaw.

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I rarely get to, being married and therefore always wrong, so let me gloat!

I’ve seen at least one other post where you were impressively on the money, but not so prescient as you were with the Brokaw prediction.

Forget teaching. Open a Seer Shop. :smiley:

Nobody else can do one-on-one interviews as well as Russert, so NBC should go back to the panel approach, rather than looking for a single moderator.

Not that they’re going to listen to me…

The problem with the panel approach is (as I see it) that each reporter has his own agenda, and good questions get little to no follow-up. Like in a Senate hearing, they flit off in different directions like butterflies on speed.

When I tuned into Tim after a long absence from Meet the Press, I didn’t like the new format. But he won me over with his relentlessness. Mr. Russert didn’t let anyone off the hook.

IMHO, Brokaw’s too nice a guy for the job. It needs someone with a little meanness - like Jon Stewart.

Not so fast: I’ll see your Pre-Election Brokaw and raise you a Post-Election David Gregory.

Tim Russert was as liberal as Stewart, but even-handed enough to command respect from newsmakers on both sides of the aisle. Jon Stewart couldn’t do that. He’d be seen as a hatchet man with an unabashedly liberal agenda, and could never get Republicans to appear on his show.

They show up on his show now.

Are you saying Russert was a liberal Democrat like Stewart?

Just thought I’d revive this thread to share that the Huffington Post is reporting that **David Gregory **will be the new MTP host and that this Sunday’s show will be Brokaw’s last.

I like this choice, though I’d secretly hoped that Chuck Todd would get the nod. Todd isn’t very accustomed to hosting though which was apparent when he’d anchor MSNBC’s midday coverage leading up to the election from time to time. I’d also heard rumblings of Gwen Ifill or Katie Couric getting brought in, but I’m glad they’re giving it to one of their own.

Yes, that is fitting.

Glad to learn just before this, that Tim was a liberal. :smiley:

Jay Leno. Seriously.

David Gregory — Talks like a high school debater. Shallow and right-leaning.
Chris Matthews — Talks like a high school football coach. Shallow and left-leaning.
Andrea Mitchell — Probably a good candidate.
Chuck Todd — A suck-up. Doesn’t have the balls.
Tom Brokaw — A spokesmodel too full of himself to be effective.
Bill Moyers — Too boring and predictable.
Joe Scarborough — You gotta be kidding. An idiot and right-wing nut.

No one. Absolutely no one. Maybe eventually, his son.