Jon Stewart to step down from The Daily Show

News here. I am very sad.

No, no no.

This will totally suck balls. Who is going to hold Fox accountable?

I’m OK with it. TDS used to be one of my favorite shows, but he’s gotten more and more ranty over time. Probably a good time to hang up the mic. I saw his episode of “Comedians getting Coffee…” or whatever that Seinfeld online thing is, and Stewart seemed to kinda hint he was winding down.

John Oliver might be kinda pissed he didn’t decide to do this a year ago though. Though I guess Oliver’s new show is panning out alright, and he only has to put pants on once a week over there.

But… but… Democalypse 2016! :frowning:

I have to agree. Though I’ve loved Jon and TDS, he seems to be “a little big for his britches”, or sanctimonious, these days. But I wish him all the best!

Maybe they’ll bring Craig Kilborne (sp?) back.


End of an era.

That’s probably part of the reason he’s leaving. As a politically-themed show, covering a Presidential election will be a major effort. Stewart may have decided he’d rather step down than gear up. Let a new guy get in place and he can do the election campaign.

Good job Jon…you had a great ride.

Pay John Oliver whatever he wants!

Cage match! With Jell-O!

True. A Very funny guy. His stuff and his timing? Amazing!
I hope its just a “I’ve made so much money, I REALLY need a few decades or so to try to spend it all” thing though. I’d hate to think that its political or “corporate ego politics” or worse… health related.

I’d almost rather hear that he wanted to try toga-dancing & bake sales for Sun Myung Moon than hear he’s ill… :frowning:

Exactly! Who will point out the cray-cray of the upcoming conventions and election?

As long as they don’t put Sam Bee in his chair, I’ll probably adjust. But I would love to see John Oliver come back.

First Colbert, now this. Damn.

I just saw the first episode of the second season of Jon Oliver’s show and he’s just brilliant. His program is different from TDS but it’s also great. TDS has done an amazing job of pointing out the hypocrisy and inconsistency of the media. I don’t know if anyone else will step up to the plate and take over that role.


True, and if the “new guy” takes the normal six months or so to ramp up, the election home stretch is pretty much the best hook you could get to sell people on him or her.

But I can still be a little bit sad about it - some of Stewart’s most reliably great moments have come in election season, and I (greedily) would love one more shot at that in a Presidential cycle on his way out. Hopefully they can find the right person to carry on, especially with how much the bench has thinned out over the past year or two with all the departures.

Well, fuck.

This sums up my reaction pretty well.