Whom does a land belong to?

Simple question. And I don’t mean Whom it belongs to according to the current global laws. I mean whom it should belong to?

To whom do you think it should belong and why?

What do you mean by “a land”? And what do you mean by “belong”?

It should belong to teh joos.

While on the subject, I’m setting up shop in Bir Tawil. Might have some openings for ambassadors, PM me if you’re interested. :smiley:


Is “a land”:
(1) a piece of real estate, such as a house site or a farm, or
(2) a territory, such as a state or a province?

Does “belong” mean:
(1) able to use, e.g., as a house site or a farm, without interference from others, or
(2) able to sell or lease the land to others for similar uses, or
(3) able, along with others living on the land, to govern as a state or province?


All your lands are belong to us.

Way too big a question. You might as well ask, “What is good?”

What is property? Go and visit a law library, and see thousands of volumes dealing with the subject!

“GUNPOWDER: A black substance much employed in marking the boundary
lines of nations.” Gideon Wurdz, “The Foolish Dictionary.”

Sometimes it is possible for a question to be *t

oo* simple. Please give a “for instance”.

This is so obviously bullshit.
Land belongs to me.

This land is your land, whereas this land is my land. I can’t get into too many specifics on a message board, but relevant property lines include California, New York Island, the redwood forest and the gulf stream waters.

I think you’ll find that this is a joint-ownership situation. This land is your land, and this land is my land.

I’m glad jew think so.

It probably should belong to whoever, by whatever means available, can keep others from taking it. That sentence extends from owning a condo all the way to a nation state.

Do you think jews have the right to be citezens in palestine just because their ancestors were?
Do you think native americans and austrailians have the right to expel current citezens because its their land?
Why should a country so small and rich in its resources keep these resources for a small population and not share them?

What is “palestine”?


Because we don’t have a good system to determine how things should be “shared” and history has taught us that respect for property rights is much better than any other system invented yet. Unless you have a new system you would like to propose…?

Australia isn’t small and Israel/Palestine isn’t rich in resources.

Are rock-strewn lands a resource?

Ah, now we get to it.

So much for Qatar and Bahrain and Kuwait, and heck, Saudi, although it’s large in acreage it’s pretty small in terms of population.

Thing is, Israel isn’t rich in resources. It doesn’t have any oil or minerals or rich farmland, unlike some other nearby countries.

As to why we recognize international borders, it’s because borders were created back in the Neolithic era, when one tribe decided to fight anyone else who tried to farm in a particular river valley. And then the neighboring tribe said, “OK, you farm over there, we’ll farm over here, and that way we don’t have to be constantly fighting each other”. And that worked to keep warfare down to every couple of years, rather than every five minutes.

So legal theories of land ownership aren’t handed down by God or Nature, they are a man-made attempt to keep violence to a minimum, so we don’t have to constantly fight each other over who has the right to sleep, walk, farm, build, and piss where.