Whom have you voted for?

'76: Carter
'80: Anderson
'84: Mondale
'88: Dukakis
'92: Clinton
'96: Clinton
'00: Gore
'04: Kerry
'08: Obama in the primary, will vote for him again in three weeks.

1972: McGovern
1976: Carter
1980: Carter
1984: Mondale
1988: Dukakis
1992: Clinton
1996: Clinton
2000: Gore
2004: Kerry

I’m consistent, but not often on the winning side.

1972 – McGovern
1976 – Eugene McCarthy as a write in.
1980 – John Anderson
1984 – Walter Mondale
1986 – Michael Dukakis
1992 – Bill Clinton
1996 – Bill Clinton
2000 – Al Gore
2004 – John Kerry

<totally unjustifiable hijack>May I ask why you’re not voting this year? Feel free to ignore me/tell me it’s none of my damn business, but I’m just curious.</hijack>

2004: Kerry (in NJ)
2008: No one in the primary, will be Obama in the general (in NM).

1996 – Clinton

2000 – Gore

2004 – Kerry

2008 – Obama (haven’t yet, but will)

2004: Kerry
2000: Bush
1996: No One

'96 was the first year I was eligible but it was the beginning of my second year in the Army and I didn’t know how to go about getting an absentee ballot. And plus none of the other guys in my platoon were voting so it wasn’t the cool thing to do anyway.

1988 Bush
1992 Clinton
1996 Clinton
2000 No one. I was moving during that time period and couldn’t register in my new state nor get an absentee ballot in time.
2004 Kerry
2008 Obama (early vote already cast)

2004- Wrote in Abraham Lincoln in the Republican primary (California has open primaries, and my House seat is one that is decided in Republican primaries), Kerry in the general.

2008- Richardson in the primary (I liked him better, and the Reps won’t have let me participate in the primary this year anyway), Obama once my ballot arrives for the general.

1992 - Perot
1996 - Clinton
2000 - Bush
2004 - Bush
2008 - I’m still on the fence and watching the debate right now.

1996 - Dole
2000 - Bush (I’m so sorry)
2004 - Kerry
2008 - I plan to vote for Obama

1988 - The other guy (apparently Dukakis, I know it wasn’t Bush)
1992 - Perot
1996 - Someone that didn’t win, maybe Perot again?
2000 & 2004 - Libertarian whatsisname
2008 - Haven’t voted yet.

1976 Carter
1980 Carter
1984 I think I wrote my own name in this year, under the theory that I was finally old enough. Except I wasn’t; I realized the next day that I had mixed it up with the House of Representatives. I may have been high at the time. It didn’t change the election- Reagan would have won anyway.
1988 Dukakis
1992 Clinton (I had grown out of writing in my own name by this time.)
1996 Clinton
2000 Nader
2004 Kerry

1992 (eligible to vote only by 2 weeks!) Clinton
1996 Clinton
2000 Gore
2004 Kerry

I’ll be voting for Obama this year.

1996 I turned 18, but after the election. I would’ve voted Bob Dole.
2000 I almost voted for George Bush, but actually voted for Harry Browne.
2004 John Kerry. I almost voted for Michael Badnarik, but changed my mind at the last minute.
2008 I voted for Barack Obama in the primary and plan to do so again on Nov. 4.

1996: Clinton
2000: Bush
2004: Kerry
2008: Obama

I’ve been eligible to vote since 1993.

1996: Nobody (out of country, didn’t absentee)
2000: Gore (out of country, this time picked up my absentee ballot)
2004: Nobody (back in US, forgot to register)
2008: Obama (early)

Holy crap. I never realized that this was the first time I voted in a federal election in America. Voting absentee wasn’t nearly as fun as playing with the touch screens!

1988 Dukakis

1992 Perot (He was a crazy nutbag, but at least DIFFERENT)

1996 Clinton (Only one where the candidate I voted for won.)

2000 Gore (Did actually win. We’ve all read the reports.)

2004 Didn’t vote, disgusted and in despair–I knew I didn’t care for W*, and I didn’t really care for Kerry either.

2008 Will vote for Obama. (I tried to keep an open mind for a long time, b/c I do have a lot of respect for McCain. His choice of Palin and a few of his policies ended the dithering.)

  • I am a naturalized Texan, but I’m proud to say that I’ve never once voted for him. In any election. Ever.

Badnarik! That’s the one. I know I voted for him last time and suspect I voted for Browne in 2000. Thanks Ataraxy.

I’m tempted to vote Republican for the first time this year, but based on previous elections I’ll probably go with Bob Barr (We Bob’s have to stick together, you know)

1996: Dole. (Shut up; I was young and impressionable.)
2000: Gore.
2004: Kerry.
2008: Obama.

2004 Kerry
2000 Gore
1996 Clinton
1992 Clinton
1988 Dukakis
1984 Mondale
1980 Carter
1976 Carter
1972 McGovern

Saturday is the first day of early voting in Nevada - I will be one of those in line to vote for Obama.