Whoohoo, Rotarians! You kicked polio's ass!

I was at a dinner tonight, and the guest speaker was Tom Loftus, the Special Advisor to the Director General of the World Health Organization.

I learned 2 novel things. One, Loftus was the US Ambassador to Norway, and when the Norwegian president completed her term and got the gig at WHO, she hired Loftus away from the US goverment to be her advisor at WHO. I’ve never heard of this being done by a foreign head of state.

But far more interesting was his presentation about the WHO’s goals, one of which, the global eradication of polio, is expected to be reached in 2005. He then lavished considerable praise on the Rotarians, who he said were, “largely responsible it.” The Rotarians committed in 1985. In 1988 the WHO committed to the same goal. According to this site, by the end the Rotarians will have put half a billion into the effort when all is said and done. It wasn’t a Rotarian event, BTW, nor am I one.

Rotarians Rule!

I always get them and the Rosicrucians mixed up.

Wow, that’s impressive. I’m glad to hear someone is so commited to fighting polio.

Are they the ones who smoke lots of dope and worship Hailie Selassie?

Oh yeah, those are Zoroastrians.

Don’t Rotarians get kinda… you know… dizzy after a while?

Oh, wait, they aren’t Zoroastrians, they’re Rastafarians.

Hey, I’m a helicopter pilot!

What? Oh, Rotarians. I thought this was about rotorheads. Never mind. :o

Maybe you’re thinking of the Whirling Dervishes?
(I’m not sure they play Polo though…)

So how’s the King of USA?

I hope it was you and not the ambassdor that made the mistake.
(BTW there are no term limits for prime ministers in Norway she resigned)

Well, despite their goofy songs and bizarre rituals (at least the ones in my town), good on them!