Who's been to Planet Hollywood?

My family and I will be going to the Planet Hollywood in Niagara Falls, Canada next weekend and they want to know what it’s like. Is it expensive? Depending on what the food costs, we might be eating there. I looked at the Planet Hollywood website and the prices for the appetizers and salads are crazy (read: expensive)! They’re probably in American currency, too, but prices probably vary from restaurant to restaurant. So, tell me all about your experience(s) there.

I actually thought Planet Hollywood went out of business, guess I was mistaken!

I went there once, on vacation in Orlando a few years ago. Color me unimpressed. The atmosphere was pretty neat, with all sorts of Hollywood paraphenalia on the walls and in cases. However, the food probably wasn’t even as good as your average Chili’s, I thought. I had a hamburger that was very dry, and obviously one of those pre-shaped patties you can get in bulk.

I was young enough not to pay for myself, but I remember my parents complaining about the price.

So, it’s a fun place to look around, but the food was totally not worth it.

Mr. SCL and I went to the PH in Honolulu. Service was awful, noise level was deafening, food was mediocre and prices were high. Haven’t been to another one.

I went to one in Miami several years ago, and I was shocked by the prices and unimpressed by the food. That place is long gone, but I know the one here in Orlando is still open. It’s probably a neat place to walk around if you’re into movies, but I’d recommend eating almost anywhere else, especially if you’re already willing to pay such high prices. You can get a killer-diller meal elsewhere (even at the Cheesecake Factory chain, if they have those in Canada), but Planet Hollywood is just Friday’s/Chili’s/Bennigan’s-style mediocrity.

I would consider Planet Hollywood worse than Friday’s, Chili’s and Bennigan’s in terms of the food. Heck, even Denny’s can have better fare at similar prices.

I went to the one in the DC area 5 years ago. It was a student trip, I didn’t have to pay. I remember it was cool seeing the memorabilia, but the food wasn’t that great. The food was free for me, so I didn’t complain, but I don’t think the prices matched the quality.

We were supposed to eat again at the Planet Hollywood in NYC or Boston, I think. One of the few smart things the adult counselors did was change those plans and take us to local places. :smiley:

I ate at one once, awhile ago. Don’t really remember being too impressed with the food. I seriously thought they closed down all the restaraunts though.

I ate there once. You’re right – the food is overpriced (though the portions are probably larger than you’re use to in Canada, which has a much more reasonable philosophy about food portions than the US does). It was OK, but certainly not a great restaurant.

The movie memorabilia was interesting, but not all that spectacular (the one I visited was in NYC, BTW). They were primarily an excuse for getting you to buy Planet Hollywood geegaws.

Follow my rule: when traveling, avoid any chain restaurants. Find a good local place: it’ll be much better.

The food is def. overpriced and a big meh. It’s pretty neat to see all the movie junk (they had Prince’s outfit from Purple Rain…PURPLE RAIN!!!).

I would suggest eating at a real restaurant- it’ll be cheaper and the food will taste better. Of the restaurants that are all gimmicky, I like the Rain Forest Cafe. The food seems better and there are elephants- that can’t be bad.

Well, we’re definitely going just to look what it’s like in there. I’m a huge movie fanatic, so it’ll be way cool to see movie paraphenalia. My brother will probably buy something for himself. So, I guess we won’t be eating there. Who charges $15 US for a salad, anyways?!

Skip it. I found the one I went to (Orlando, with the kids) to be overloud, overpriced, and underperforming in all areas.

Too loud: Too loud for any real conversation, even on the way to the floor in the wait room.

Too pricey: Already been said.

Underperforming: Slow service, people yelling about how cool things are here on the PA, and poor food.

Just say no.

Ive been to the one in Times Square, we found it to be lovely and thought the movie stuff was pretty cool. It wasnt that loud and the food was decent, was a tad expensive though. Couldnt fault the service either.

Went to another in Paris, it wasnt nice, I guess it just depends on which PH your going to.

It’s a bit of a con.

I’d skip it too. Was utterly unimpressed with everything - especially the poor quality food.

At best, it was alright but not great. I reiterate what everyone else said: average food, too pricy, good atmosphere. But anywhere you can get a Planet Hollywood, you can get better.

In orlando, I’d suggest going to Fulton’s or Bongo’s. Top-notch restaurants, same prices or even lower, nice atmosphere. Plus, they’re all in the same place: Disney Village Marketplace.

Everything above is true. In addition: the first few times I went (Lake Tahoe) they would show various film clip montages (common theme), which is always fun. Then the film clips started getting intermingled with videos of the wild good times :rolleyes: at the opening of the latest franchise, attended by one of the owner/frontmen (Stallone, Ahnuld, Bruce Willis). Then more and more self-promotion; fewer and fewer film clips. Then they folded.

The food is nothing special.

I’d skip it and go to the rain forest café, which is just around the corner. Especially if you have kids, they will get a kick out of it.