Who's going to watch Nightmares & Dreamscapes?

I am, obviously.

In preparation, I destroyed our guest room, pulling out box after box of books looking for my copy of the titular book. Luckily I unearthed *Everything’s Eventual * as well, though finding *Night Shift * to read the first story to be shown, “Battleground,” might be challenging.

I just read “Umney’s Last Case,” which I have no recollection of ever reading before - I may have skipped around when I read the book and missed it. I’m a big William H. Macy fan, and I think it could be really great.

I’ve always liked “The End of the Whole Mess,” and love Ron Livingston, so that’ll be fun. Though I wonder if many people will think the plot is derived from Serenity

And of course, “Crouch End” - the homage to Lovecraft, who is another favorite of mine.

Anyone else keen to see these?

I am champing at the bit! I love King’s short stories, and I have very high hopes. The Showtime Masters of Horror series has whetted my taste for one-hour minimovies, and TNT has shown in recent times that it can produce some very high-quality stuff.

Whoa, have I been out of the loop! When and what channel??

Starting Wednesday, July 12 on TNT.

Woo-hoo! Thanks for the info!

Thanks, now I know why I got a TVR!

I am sure that I will find the time to catch it, either in an original run, or in a repeat.

It’s been long enough since I read any of the stories in question that I imagine I’ll still be in for a few surprises. But yeah, I’ll definitely try to catch them all.

So if this miniseries is Nightmares and Dreamscapes, then why is one of the stories they’re doing from Night Shift?

I was wondering that, myself. But it’s one of the better stories from Night Shift. It’d be better if they’d do Gray Matter, though. JMHO.

Is anyone else disappointed that they’re not doing Dolan’s Cadillac? IMO, it’s not only the best story from Nightmares and Dreamscapes, but probably the best short story Stephen King has ever written. But maybe it’s too long for the one hour treatment.

… Crap. TNT? I wonder what the chances of a Canadian channel picking it up in a timely fashion are…

I was actually going to ask if anyone would be willing to either burn/record it for me. I am in Canada and do not get thie bloody channel.

I’ll replace whatever you use (tape or DVD).

Please let me know, email is poysyn@hotmail.com

I’ve been drooling since I first heard they were making this gem. And I have to agree that Grey Matter* would be a great story to film. But Battleground is an acceptable substitute.
If they insist on taking a story from another book, that is.

How much do Anne Murray and Molson have to spen on ads. :smiley:

This sounds pretty interesting. Great cast for these shows. . .William Hurt, William H Macy, Ron Livingston, Tom Berenger, Steven Weber (wasn’t he the inn keeper in the Shining mini-series), Kim Delany.

Here is the link.

There’s a great big billboard right outside of Baltimore that I pass every day advertising the show.

I think I might have to check this out. I don’t have anything on my summer TV list except HBO Sunday nights and TNT has the good sense to start the show at 9:00 pm (that’s pretty much the earliest I’ll turn on the TV in the summer.)