Who's having Chinese food Sunday?

Especially this year, when Christmas and Hanukkah coincide … the local Chinese restaurants will be packed. Not to mention the movie theaters.


I was amused this morning when the local news gave a list of what’s open, what’s closed. For tomorrow, they mentioned only two things that were open: movie theaters and Chinese restaurants. We will have latkes with apple sauce tomorrow since we still have leftovers for tonight. But the sun just set in Montreal and my wife lit the first candles.

We’ll have sushi as part of our graze-a-thon at my brother’s house. That’s as close as we’ll get to Chinese. :smiley:

We went to our favorite Szechuan place this week, and it cracked us up to see an OPEN CHRISTMAS! sign in both English and Chinese on the door. Almost as one, we chanted, “…but it’s SMILING at us!”

More than a billion Chinese are having Chinese food Sunday.

I had latkes and apple sauce for breakfast today , my menorah got packed away when I was thinking of moving and now I can’t find it so I can’t light any candles . :frowning: Happy Hanukkah ! I have Chinese food on New Year eve.

Complete with a choir of waiters singing “Deck the Harrs”?

Since I can finally celebrate Christmas, I will most definitely not be visiting the movies and Chinese restaurants. I spent decades doing that. We also went hiking a lot on Christmas, and sometimes we could find a Subway that was open to eat at. There wasn’t much else to do.

“Chinese” buffet for us ever since Grandma couldn’t throw Christmas dinners any more. Mom’ll eat crab legs, dad mongolian stirfry, and for me some of both plus some sushi.

I’m picking my father up from the airport at 3:00 tomorrow. I was actually looking for decent place that’s open as an easy, convenient option. Unfortunately not even the Chinese restaurant is open!

I suppose, though, that decent hotels will have their restaurants open.

In my case I decided, “Screw it!” The three rib roast has been in the sous vide cooker since this afternoon, and I can pre-prepare enough to have a decent home dinner. Besides, he’s on Las Vegas time; if dinner is late, it’ll still be early for him!

Honey, how about a little 69 tonight?

Generals Chicken with pork fried rice and extra egg roll?!

I’m Christian but my family celebration will not be tomorrow. Not planning to have Chinese, but I was craving bad pepperoni pizza after this evening’s church service, so I picked up a pizza from Little Caesar’s and will be having that, and garlic breadsticks, tomorrow.

We had Asian food tonight. Tomorrow it’s luchsen kugel and latkes.

We’re having latkes tomorrow so Chinese food has been postponed until New Years.

In my world, Chinese food was for Christmas Eve.

I sang in a church choir for a number of years. I wasn’t terribly religious, but this was a church of a fairly inoffensive mainstream Christian sect (Presbyterians, if you’re curious), and I’ve always loved to sing. It was a great way to get vocal training at no cost, and it was fun, besides. I made a lot of friends through the choir.

Anyway, this church always had a Christmas carol service on Christmas Eve. I’d meet up with my Dad, and we’d head off to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner before the church service (the Chinese restaurant being pretty much the only place open). Then, Dad would drive us both to church, where he sat in the congregation, enjoying the carols that I sang with the choir.

I don’t know how many years we did that, but it was often enough that “Chinese food with Dad on Christmas Eve” is indelibly etched in my memory.

I had Chinese today (Sunday), and I’ll have it tomorrow, and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday next Sunday, next Monday, next Tuesday, next Wednesday. . .

I’m not sure the next trip out of Taiwan but there will probably be at least one day that I’ll go a whole day without some Chinese food.

I am having it tonight.

In accordance with the ancient customs of my people, my brethren and I will be having Chinese food today at noon. Dim sum, apparently, is still on.

Had a slice of pizza and a non-alcoholic beer for breakfast. Does that sort of count?

As an atheist from a Jewish background, I’ll be having brisket to celebrate my sister’s birthday.