Should you feel guilty going to a restaurant on Christmas?

We usually go out to eat every Friday night.

So yesterday my daughter ask me, “Are we going out to eat tomorrow?”

“Absolutely not.”

I would feel awfully guilty sitting in a restaurant and demanding that someone serve me on Christmas. I just can’t do it. IMO, the restaurant should be closed.

I feel the same

Even if no one in the restaurant is Christian - workers or patrons?

Well, when I was a kid my parent’s friends took turns holding Christmas dinner. As you can imagine it was a lot of work to feed maybe 20 people.

Near the end of me living at home they all switched to having Christmas dinner at a hotel out on the highway!

Listen, this completely reduced stress on everyone and Christmas became fun again.

Employees get paid well on Christmas day, no? In fact some of them probably volunteer to work and get the hell away from the crazies.

I wouldn’t feel bad. If they’re open, surely they want customers? After all, they’re open whether or not you go. And movie theaters are always open on Christmas, and no one feels guilty about going to the movies on Christmas.

They better start celebrating. Im an atheist and I still celebrate turkey holiday

The Chinese-Jewish connection.

Actually I know several people ( rigidly anti-Christmas types, mostly not Jewish ) that go out for Asian food on Christmas. It’s a bit of a thing. Not one I participate in, but pretty understandable from where I’m sitting.

Why? If they’re open, surely they expect customers.

If you don’t go, that server won’t earn the tip money to pay rent; you don’t want to give that present on Christmas, do you? It’s practically charitable to go out on Christmas. Do your Capitalist duty!

Thanksgiving (Turkey holiday?) isnt religious, so atheism isn’t really relevant.

Many folks can’t cook for themselves, don’t observe the holiday, observe Christmas Eve, or Orthodox Christmas. Why should my evening be blocked when it’s not even my holiday?

We went out, dropped close to $250 on dinner plus a very generous tip. I don’t think anyone felt bad serving us tonight.

I wouldn’t go on Christmas Day. I’ve been voluntold to work on holidays. It truly sucks.

The servers on schedule have to be there, and if you’re not there to serve they are only making $2.30/hour without your tips.

Also think of all the people who do all this work to serve their families and friends for the holidays for free, often without even a “thank you,” like Leaffan’s family. They’re not even making the $2.30 an hour and they don’t have someone to bus or do dishes! How is that more fair or better than the server who signed up for the extra hours on Christmas day?

For the last three years (since Grandma moved to the old folk’s home), that side of my family has celebrated Christmas in a restaurant; this year, there will be deli food at my cousin’s.

We don’t want to bring Grandma back to her flat (she’d try to reorganize everything), and cousin’s flat was out of bounds for everybody except her boyfriends for twenty years.

The restaurants in question are in a highly touristy area, they will be open anyway. Having some people who have booked in advance and pre-selected a menu makes for some sure custom on a day and a kind of business that’s very hit-or-miss. Restaurants in that area can be full one day and empty the next one; I think it might have something to do with the idea that “if there’s a lot of people it will be good”. Once you get a couple of groups, more people start coming in - if you don’t get those “seed” customers, you have a whole shift of wiping the already-clean glasses again.

I’ve worked 4th shift (weekends and holidays, 12h shifts) and the work schedule itself was better than normal, weekday, 8h shifts except for other people never getting it through their skulls that we wouldn’t be available on weekends. We had a lot more days off while working the same hours, and those days off were when most people worked so they were good for errands. Working holidays can be the suckiest thing ever or it can be very nice.

Waffle Houses, truck stops, and Chinese restaurants are open. Why not eat at one? Actually, I’ve found waiting lines to get into a Waffle House on Xmas.

Back in my minimum wage days I LOVED working the holidays. I remember delivering pizzas and making in tips what would normally two or three nights.

Besides, if you work for minimum wage, it’s pretty much an accepted fact of life that you will be working on holidays, and in most cases weekends. Folks know this going in. So it’s not like it’s a big surprise or anything.

Wow. What a massively presumptuous and fucking stupid premise. Not everyone celebrates your lame ass holiday.

Jewish people going out for Chinese food is a decades old fun tradition. And everyone is welcome. The Chinese place that I go to most years was hopping this year. The workers were hustling but were making more money than any other day of the year because of tips and they always get an extra big one from me.

No, you should feel hungry.

Well, I do!

I look up at the screen and feel sorry for poor ol’ Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, Morton Downy Jr., Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Johnnie Depp, et al having to act on the day little Jesus was born, while I stuff popcorn and coke down my gullet.

…And, really, whats sadder?: being waitstaff at a restaurant with tip paying customers to wait and converse with on a holiday, or without? My guess is the latter.

I think we need more feedback from people who had to work on Xmas, outside of the police, fire department, hospital/emergent room, etc.

Even people who are not christian/religious still want to spend that day with family.

Even if you are well paid, it is just a sign that in the overall sense that you are being exploited, if,
you think giving up time with family to “make $250” is a “good opportunity”. For people who are not close to their family, or, living in another city, it may be a good chance for them, however… but I doubt most bosses who “require” people to work holidays are really thinking of their employees situation…

Chinese/Jewish run restaurants might be an exception to this, IDK.