Who's Hot - and Who's Not?

As a celebrity-drooling thread, I’m moving this to Cafe Society.

Nope, not even if he wasn’t evil.

What about Birkhoff?

I don’t know the show, so I can only judge “attitude” and charisma by still photos and my personal opinion*, but…

Sean: hot

Michael: hot, but not as hot as Sean, for the reasons already mentioned, plus his face isn’t quite as symmetrical as Sean’s.

Roan: not hot. Nothing to do with his age, he just doesn’t do it for me. (Harrison Ford was a hot grey hair about 10 years ago; he’s a bit past his prime now, but he was hotter as a silverback than as a young thing, in my opinion.)

Birkhoff: not hot, yet, but room for hotness when he grows up a bit. Right now he’s got a man’s square forehead with a boy’s round jaw, and the clash is not hot.

even sven, actually, I’m going to have to disagree with you, and there’s science to back me up: an individual woman actually has quite a range of what she considers hot, and it varies with her cycle and whether she’s on hormonal contraception or not. She may still have a “type” (tall, dark vs. short, blond) but the testosterone influenced male secondary characteristics are more appealing in the phase before the ovulates, so the rugged square jaw and broody eyebrow ridge is going to be hottest then. Once ovulation occurs (and she’s thus no longer fertile) and through menstruation, these hyper-masculine facial features are no longer as appealing. Female respondents in the follicular phase of their menstrual cycle (n = 55) were significantly more likely to choose a masculine face than those in menses and luteal phases (n = 84),[22] (or in those taking hormonal contraception).[9][10][23]
*Me=37 year old follicular phase straight female.

He looks weird because somehow he has this really youthful-looking face but then wrinkles.

I don’t normally think guys that age are hot anyway but there are a couple exceptions, like Dr. House, who in looks is an exception to every single thing I ever find attractive. But I can’t resist an attitude like that. Hence my lack of successful relationships.

Well, I personally find him more attractive than Sean, but I don’t think I’m going to have a lot of company.

I really dig Roan’s glasses … those frames make the man. For me, at least. :cool:

If he does any more growing he’ll be receiving an AARP card soon in the mail :eek:.

Please wax at length on his jaw, cheek, and forehead topography. After that, don’t forget to analyze his facial hair. :smiley:

Oh, wow, you’re right, he’s older than I thought. I found some other pictures of him where he’s thinner and squarer of jaw than in that wikipedia picture, and yes, he’s more attractive to me in those pictures, but still too baby faced to be hot.

Ask me again in two weeks and I may have a different opinion. :wink:

…so, I seem to remember you just discovered Sherlock!

Yes. Hence the complete and utter adoration.

It doesn’t help that McConaughey plays someone thoroughly skeevy in that movie - he plays that character well, and we’re less inclined to like him because it’s clear what he’s all about. Tatum plays a hunky, but nice (and cocky) down to earth guy - we like his character better, so he becomes more attractive. Plus, we know altogether too much about McConaughey’s life. Face it, that cat’s weird. Bongos in the hospital while his wife’s giving birth? Eternal surfer guy persona, for someone in his 40s? It’s the Tom Cruise phenomenon - the more I know about the wierdness that is your life, the less attractive I find you.

Damn guys, I love McConaughey. Everything from his offbeat name - “Dallas” - I guess “Austin” would have been too ordinary … to his redneck charm … to his lines (“You are the husband they never had” and “I see a lotta lawbreakers out there tonight”) to his washboard abs …