Who's the cute model that hangs out at the SDMB?

She’s been here every day for at least two weeks.

Certainly puts a smile on my face when I log in.

If she can’t cure ED no one can. :smiley:

That’s some, uh very impressive qualifications.

Is she a known model or actress?

Charming, really charming. I mean you, not the girl. Nothing says sleazy and creepy like “If she can’t cure ED no one can. :D”

Maybe you missed it. There has been some effort on this board to reduce the levels of male creepiness and objectification of women being openly expressed here. Congratulations on your clueless and extremely retro point of view.

Now let’s see how fast you can backpedal to claim you were doing something else. Maybe you can beat Stephen Curry’s time.

Dude, really?

Just to clarify, you did notice that the model’s picture is part of an advertisement for “The Perfect ED Solution,” right?

Have you tried getting on Chrome and doing a reverse image search?

I think it’s best to close this before it becomes a complete trainwreck. Further action may be warranted.


Thank you, Colibri. At the very least, that further action includes a Warning: I’m not sure if you’re trying to test the boundaries of the anti-misogyny policy, or if you’re trying to rub our noses in the quality of the ads here, but either way, it’s trolling.