what's the "anti-misogyny policy"?

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What are the “boundaries of the anti-misogyny policy”? I was aware that there was some discussion around making the SDMB more inviting to the fairer sex, but I wasn’t aware that a new policy had been settled on.

I’m not particularly interested in trying to “test” them, but I do strive to follow the rules, and a critical part of doing so is staying abreast of the contours of new rules.

ETA: sorry mods, title was supposed to read: what’s the “anti-misogyny policy”? I’m not sure how I managed to cut it off.

A thread about the anti-misogyny policy, and you actually use “the fairer sex?” Why not just cut straight to “dames” or “broads?” I guess you did manage to work in “abreast of the contours,” so congrats on that.

I wasn’t aware that “the fairer sex” was considered offensive by some until your post. If you’re among the some, my apologies, and I’ll try to remember to avoid using the phrase in the future, at least on the SDMB.

Not speaking for the mods, but as I understand it, this is the new anti-misogynistic policy:

Don’t be a jerk.
The Pit is a rough bar in need of cleaning up. GD is a public park with a speaker’s box and deranged audience. Cafe Society is a coffee joint located outside of a run down movie theater. GD is a musty and overcrowded public library.

In all cases though, we’re in mixed company. So knock it off with the drool-slobber. And learn some manners I say.

This is a joke, right? Or have you really no idea how patronizing “fairer sex” sounds?

We have a number of posters for whom English is a 2nd or third language, so a good starting place might be dictionary.com:

fair sex
or fairer sex
noun Older Use: Sometimes Offensive.
women as a group (usually used facetiously): an insult to the fair sex.

Origin of fair sex
First recorded in 1680–90
Usage note
This is a dated term, usually used for humorous effect. It uses the word fair in the sense of “physically attractive”; because it refers to a woman in terms of her appearance, it is sometimes perceived as demeaning.


the fair(er) sex
Females. The term has come to be considered inappropriate due to its emphasis on the physical appearance of women and girls. Did he just say “members of the fairer sex”? I feel like I’m in a Victorian novel.
cite: Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved.

Ayup. That’s it in a nutshell.

This recent thread (“as much of a reprehensible liar as she is, I still find Kellyanne Conway physically attractive”) didn’t attract a rebuke from the mods (in fact, it had some mild participation by the very one I quoted in the OP), so apparently some amount of “drool-slobber” is still acceptable.

Does it matter if the woman in question is on the right or left politically? Does the gender of the person whose physical beauty is being judged matter?

There was a shitload of more-offensive-than-the-fairer-sex commentary in that OP (“I still find this gal considerably attractive” " is it okay to find her moderately attractive with the cliche’ chauvinistic term of “I wouldn’t kick her out of bed”" “Maybe I’m just a sucker for blondes”), but it was given a pass. Why?

I don’t understand why the concept is so difficult for men to get ( not all men, of course). The men of this board are more intelligent than the norm. Can’t you guys figure it out?

I’m trying to figure out what the new policy referred to by Chronos (but perhaps inoperative during the Kellyanne Conway thread) is.

No, I can’t “figure it out” because there doesn’t appear to be any consistency to it. One day Chronos is literally telling people “… you could just look at Kate McKinnon, instead.” and a few days later he’s handing out warnings for someone saying “If she can’t cure ED no one can.” There does appear to be some inconsistency there.

I’ll leave it to the mods how they draw the lines, how they distinguish between threads that have some conceptual interest (albeit on a bawdy topic) and those that are purely salacious with little other redeeming quality. My understanding is that while threads devoted to fighting ignorance are encouraged, this isn’t Penthouse Forum.

Yeah, that whole thread threw me and I came here to see if anyone else commented.

God forbid a hot woman who makes a living showing off how hot she is is called hot by other people. That is misogyny.

When someone commented on AOC being attractive people acted like that was out of bounds too. Really? We can’t comment on the looks of politicians (or models) anymore?

Use your own judgement. I can’t speak for anyone else. There’s not a rule book for you to know not to murder or rape someone. But you know it’s a bad thing. If you have half a brain you gotta know where the line is drawn.
It’s not that hard.

I suspect you’re about to get henpecked for using the descriptor “hot”, but I’ll wait and see.

That’s a really lame non-answer. Mods regularly give fairly-specific guidance all the time (e.g. personal insults directed at posters are prohibited, but group insults are acceptable), but in this case, we’re just supposed to “know where the line is drawn”? Apparently it’s somewhere in between “I wouldn’t kick [Kellyanne Conway] out of bed” and “If she can’t cure ED no one can.”

I understand you’re opposed to misogynistic comments, but can you not see how messy and muddled that is?

Well, maybe a mod will come in and read you the riot act. It’s above my pay grade.

Btw, ‘henpecked’ is not ok.

He knows that. It’s not an accidental usage.

According to WHAT? Was that somewhere in the new policy that I can’t seem to locate? It certainly seems like it’d be on the less-offensive side of “I wouldn’t kick [Kellyanne Conway] out of bed”, unless you’re just using the political affiliation of posters and subjects to determine what’s offensive. Is that it?

BTW, is “hot” ok?

How dare you. I don’t follow any political affiliations of peeps on this board. That’s not even anywhere near this issue. Unless you make it so.
‘Hot’ is okay if youre talking about the weather.

So why did you feel the need to lecture me about ‘henpecked’ but ignored Wesley Clark’s “God forbid a hot woman who makes a living showing off how hot she is is called hot by other people”?