Who's the doofus who picks these clips?

I was puttering around on Amazon looking at cds. I love listening to the sample clips to get a feel for the cd.

But the bozos at Amazon pick the most unrepresentative moments to put in the clips. If the song has 20 seconds of bland guitar strumming and the rest of the time there’s a distinct voice yowling? They pick the 20 seconds. Have a quiet section at the very beginning? Let’s sample that part! Be sure to cut out right before the chorus, just to keep 'em guessing!

Er, or is it just me?

Are you sure it’s not automated? They’re so bad I always thought it just automatically used, say, 00:20 to 00:50. Of course, that’s just a WAG and I don’t know whether it’s true.

This won’t answer your question but is the perfect opportunity to link the the highly amusing Rio thread, which came about because of this very same problem.

I myself spent ages trying to work out which was the “team of badasses approaching” song from Kill Bill because the distinctive “duh duh DUH” doesn’t appear until the fadeout (it’s called “Battle without Honour or Humanity”).

If that’s true, I’ll simply change my OP to:

“Who’s the doofus who chose 00:20 to 00:50?!”