Who's the father ?

England is our (the US) mother country. Who, or what, is the father ? I know what I think. I want to know what others think.

More IMHO, I think.

I am sure Maury Povich can help you get to the bottom of this.

Well considering the definition of “mother country” is considered the country in relation to its colonies, I would agree that England could arguably fall into that category.

However the “father country” is a bit vague and the closest reference is the latin term Pater Patriae, or an honorific title given to the founding father(s) of a nation. In our case that is more commonly referred to as the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Whatever this is, it is not a debate. I am moving it to IMHO.



Why ? Is it not relevent ? How so ? It may not rank with other great questions, such as the one about the tree falling when nobody’s around to hear it, but… well. What’s wrong with it? I realize there is probably no correct answer. But it seems a perfectly fine question. Maybe I don’t take myself as seriously as I ought. And maybe others are too…oh, proper, staid, ridgid, stuffy, fosilized ?

I say Germany also. If anyone’s interested I’ll post my rationale…

Why Germany ?

I say it’s either the native Americans (Indians) or any other country on the planet, depending on your point of view.

George Washington

Why? IMO, because you didn’t define your terms. What do you mean by “father country?” The term has no meaning. Hard to debate.


France. Sure, it all started as a seedy little back-alley romance, but by the time the nation was in the full throes of labor, the baby-daddy had come around, married in a quick ceremony, and acknowledged the fruit of his loins. (Seriously, without French aid - money, ammunition, military advisors, troops, and a navy, we’d probably still be celebrating the Queen’s birthday instead of the Fourth of July.)

I’d say the ancient Roman republic, which had a great influence on the founding fathers (eg, they would sign their writings as “Publius”)

Germany is a strange choice - there wasn’t a Germany until the late 1800s. If you’re going by early non-English immigration as a criteria, I’d give it to Ulster (where the “Scotch-Irish” were from) or maybe Scotland.

Maybe England’s just a shameless slut and there’s no hope of identifying the father.

I thought they claim to be… (a joke…De vaterland … get it ? )

If you believe in a motherland, then can you be patriotic ? (pat= prefix for father… so patriotic means “for the fatherland.” )

The mailman.

“Mother country” is an idiom that h as no literal significance. Other cultures and other languages do not necessarily have an analogous usage.