Who's the hardest world leader?

Leaders around the world differ from each other in almost every way. They are all of different political hues, some are big, some are small. Some are young, some are old.

But what I was wondering was:

Which one would win in a fight?

Bush looks like he could be a bit tasty. Blair would be a bit girly though, I reckon. You’d have to show some respect to Ariel Sharon but then his weight could slow him down.

The one I’d go for may sound surprising because he doesn’t look particularly hard but I reckon he’d be a demon in a fight - Vladimir Putin. Vodka-fuelled rage and all that.

Who’s the hardest world leader?

Bill Clinton.

Putin would be a contender. In his younger days a champion judo practicioner.

Idi Amin was a former boxer or wrestler who was like 6’7" 250. Here’s a rundown of current leaders:
GWB: I bet he’d do well as a welterweight or something, but no-holds-barred he’d go down fast.
Tony Blair: Doesn’t seem like much of a fighter.
Jacques Chretien: Didn’t he have a stroke or something?
Koizumi: Prettyboy would get his face rearranged.
Hosni Mubarak: He looks like he could take someone out, but is he too old?
Pervez Musharraf: For a military guy he looks pretty small.
Jacques Chirac: What, some cheese-eating surrender monkey’s gonna take down all the other world leaders? I think not.
Jiang Zemin: Definitely would get his face rearranged, even though you’re not supposed to hit a man with glasses.
Gerhard Schroeder: Another girly man, but I bet he could beat Koizumi.
Fidel Castro: He’s tough, he’s survived all our assasination attempts, but he’s too damn old.
Vincente Fox: Cowboy type who I bet packs a strong punch.
Hugo Chavez: Wait, nevermind. Three days ago I’d have him as the winner, he looks huge.
Ariel Sharon: Too old and lethargic. Maybe 20 years ago.
Hamid Karzai: Looks small, but a definite wildcard. Those Afghans are used to all that fighting.
Saddam: Take away the chemical weapons and he’s nothing.
Vladimir Putin: Ex-KGB, I bet he’d put up a good fight.
Ayatollah Khatami: Definitely in the upper tier, but I wouldn’t bet on him winning.

So I guess I’d have Fox over Putin in the final round.

According to this site , Putin has a black belt in Judo.

He’d win, hands down.

But wait, I’ve just discovered from this site that Chavez of Venezuela is a former army paratrooper.

He’d know a move or two, I reckon.

And Gadaffi would be a sly fucker, hard to read.

Putin, no contest. Judo and KGB. Plus there is just something about him.

Bush looks like he has a nasty streak. I’d like to see him and Fox duke it out.

I know he doesn’t sound old. He still has a deep booming voice and it doesn’t sound shakey. But is he too old? I don’t know. There was a video on the Eygptian Governemt site where he was shaking a man’s hand in Luxor. It looked like Mubarak hurt the guy. He also seems to do a alot of friendly slapping. I think he can still hold his ground.

Americans should marshall their efforts to get Jesse Ventura elected President in 2004. Ex-Navy SEAL, ex pro wrestler, his own action figure… he’d kick ass.