Who's this "Enola Gay"?

Clicking on Advanced Search to review some of my old posts I typed in “enola” instead of “Enola Straight” (I used to just click on the field and my screename would just pop up…now it dosen’t :frowning: ), and this new screenname poped up.


I somebody movin’ in on mah turf?

Paul Tibbets mother come back from the dead!

Damn zombies…

I always thought your name was a mickey-take on Enola Gay.
Are you playing with us?

Here’s his/her latest post:

What do you have against Gays? You know we’ve fought long and hard in this country for equality and I refuse to be harassed and discriminated against by you Straights! Can’t we all just get along??

Cage Fight!

Now this is freaky. Even though Enola Straight has been here longer and has more posts, I am only familiar with the postings of Enola Gay. Also, I hate having to put bold tags around people’s names.

You don’t want to start anything with Enola Gay. When she flames you, the result is devastating.

I’ll go stir the mud and get it nice and sloshy!

Enola Gay? She’s Da Bomb!

<ducking and covering>

Words of wisdom. You really don’t want to mess with me, Little Boy, or I’ll completely destroy you.


Enola Gay, is mother proud of little boy today
Aha this kiss you give, it’s never ever gonna fade away


You should have posted this at eight-fifteen. That’s the time that it’s always been.

I noticed a poster named Telperion lately. Apparently registered in 2005, I never noticed this person before because apparently they don’t post much. But I did a double-take seeing posts by that name in threads I know I hadn’t posted in. I wonder if there’s any rule about similar usernames–although you might not always know if the name you want is similar to an existing one.

And I recently heard about **JustThink **(or something similar) who had a bit of a reputation, I guess. JustThinkin had no clue there was a similar name.

Justhink, which was actually a computer program generating nonsense (at least some of the time).

Ha. I seriously thought Enola Straight changed his/her username after having experiencing some lifestyle change. No kidding.

I don’t know how much time it took me to figure out that asterion and astorian were two different posters. I think they both live in Texas and have somewhat similar political opinions.

I also used to confuse elfkin477 and erie774, but the latter’s changed his name to Slypork.

Are you friends with Superman Red and Superman Blue?

Seems a lot of people get Argent Towers and I confused, too. I was here first, dammit! :smiley: