Who's TV Apartment Would You Like To Live In

My current flat actually looks like Ralph Kramden’s place. No kidding I swear, except it’s a studio.

So which TV apartments would you LIKE to live in.

I love the flat on 3rd Rock From The Sun and I always like Ann “That Girl,” Marie’s apartment.

if I can have a movie apartment I will take Deckard’s place from Blade Runner.

TV apartment: Two and a Half Men.

Movie apartment: Mel Gibson’s from What Women Want. Hands down.

Brian’s from Queer as Folk. Even better if i could get Gale Harold to walk around in it naked for me.

I like Bernie Mac’s Place.

R.I.P. Bernie Mac…

Also love to do a two story Brady (Bunch) Place, a clone and architecturally real. Not at all like the “outside” shot but an architecturally real and sound house designed about the show set… Every Puke Orange, Avocado, and Brownnote.
Architecture and original appliances, intact.

Need the “horse statue”.

The main apartment on Friends was gigantic, and in NYC - so I’ll take that one

Definitely Richard Castle’s.

So you want bathrooms without toilets in them?

Cordelia’s apartment in Angel! A spacious place in Silverlake with nifty “Hollywood Spanish” architectural details. And a cutely retro tile bathroom. Kitchen? Nothing fancy, but it would work. Even though I’d probably use it a bit more than Cordy did…

Plus cheap rent & a friendly ghost! I wonder what happened to the place after Cordy’s “ascension”?

(I liked Buffy’s house, too. But the constant repairs would be expensive. And I would have gotten rid of all those African masks; there was still one in Joyce’s bedroom, long after she was gone.)

I’ve always wanted to live in Tom Hanks place in “Big”. Make a hell of a music space, and I could fly r/c helis, planes and blimps indoors.

Whose”, not “Who’s”

I liked Robinson Crusoe’s place in the recent show Crusoe. Not that anybody will know what I’m talking about as they never watched it.

Rob & Laura Petrie’s place from The Dick Van Dyke Show.

Too cool.

I thought Bob Newhart’s apartment in Chicago was pretty nice.

What’s with all the answers that are actually houses?

Bill Davis’s apartment in Family Affair was pretty nice, with servants’ quarters and everything.

I’d probably want a pre-emptive exorcism before I moved in, though. The residents of that place had an alarmingly high morbidity rate.

Frasier Crane’s apartment is pretty nice.

Totally seconded.

Definitely Cordy’s apartment. It was really beautiful (and by the way, Cordy has the same kitchen table/chairs as I do :slight_smile: ), and who wouldn’t want a ghostly roomate who scrubs your back and fetches stuff for you?

I don’t remember much of the rest of the house, but I always loved the Girardis’ kitchen on Joan of Arcadia.

Will & Grace’s apartment. The open kitchen is kinda small, but I’m used to small. And the TV room off to the side is very nice. I’d have to do something about putting up a fourth wall, though.