Who's upgraded their PS3 harddrive?

I found a 640gb harddrive on Amazon for $106 (includes shipping). I’m having a hard time not pulling the trigger on this. I currently have a 40gb in there. It’s not full, but I have to clear out all my old demos and trailers I’ve downloaded when I want to get a bunch of new ones. I’m not a Guitar Hero (or in a Rock Band), so I’m not big on DLC. I stream my media from my computer via Tversity. Is there anything coming down the pike that will make me want an extra 600gb in this thing?

Unless you want to put a bunch of video files on your PS3, 640GB seems like a lot.

My friend has downloaded about every Rock Band downloaded content (DLC) song, and it’s about 16 GB.

Do you have to re-download after you replace the hard drive, or can you somehow copy DLC to another external drive and then to the new hard drive?

You can backup to an external, then restore to the new drive.