Playstation Store Welcome Back question

OK, this may sound like a dumb question, so bear with me, but I couldn’t find any straight answers on Google.

I have a PS3 and a PSP, so I’m able to choose two free games for each platform. I’ve already downloaded and installed my two PS3 titles. My question is, can I install the PSP games on my PS3’s hard drive and play them directly on my PS3? I would like to have back up copies of the games and I know I can transfer them to my PSP. Do I need to transfer them to the PSP to play them or will they play fine right on my PS3?

Conversely, I know I can download them directly on my PSP and back them up onto my computer if playing them on the PS3 is not an option. And memory stick space is not an issue for me, I have a couple of 8 GB sticks with plenty of free space. However, if I could play them on my TV this would be great. Which would be the best way for me to do this?

And I have an original PSP 1000, so connecting to my TV is not an option. But the main point of my question isn’t playing the games on a bigger screen, it’s having backups so I can restore them to my PSP if they accidentally get wiped for some reason. If I can play them on the PS3, i won’t bother transferring them to the PSPortable. If I can’t, I’ll go the route of downloading them to my PSP and backing up my files to the computer.

Never mind this, actually. I’m downloading the games on to my PSP.

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