Swapping PS3 Saved games

I’m moving out my folks’ house into my own quarters at university and, for entertainment, I plan on getting myself a new PS3. However, here’s a problem. At the moment, I use my baby brother’s machine, and I have a number of saved games on the PS3 hard drive – games that I’ll be taking with me to Uni and saved on HIS hard drive! Anyone know a way I can copy them from his onto my new machine? I can’t imagine life without FALLOUT 3/NEW VEGAS….

Aw, come on, nobody here knows?

You can copy many PS3 saves onto a USB flash drive. Some saves are “copy protected” which means you can’t copy them at all unless you hack the PS3.


You may be partially screwed. As TBG said, some game saves are copy protected and will not transfer. You can apparently hook up an ethernet cable between the two PS3s and transfer those saves, but it erases everything on the destination machine and not sure what state it leaves the source machine in.

No firsthand experience (I’m not willing to pay for PS+), but apparently if you want to put out the money, Sony will let you cloud save files.

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