Who's your favorite Beatle?

Now that we’ve got the poll function, let’s settle this scientifically.


Depends on the day. I voted Paul today because I had a dream about giving Paul a high-five last night --and then, this morning, I saw the Sunday Morning segment on him.

Pete Best

Yeah, I thought about including him – and Murray the K, and George Martin, and etc. – but didn’t.

I’m surprised (but delighted) by the results. (Currently George is well in first, with Paul in second. John’s still beating Ringo, but I can’t expect everything. >_>)

No question, George.


I’ve always thought Ringo seemed like the most down to earth one and the one I’d enjoy the most to hang out with.

Ah, you caught me in full flush of my Beatles obsession, which has been in bloom since the mono/stereo set came out in September. Though I’ve always loved what I knew of the Beatles (their most famous singles plus a few albums like Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper, I’ve finally listened to their entire output for the first time in my 43 years and I’ve fallen in love with them all over again.

So my choices:

#1: Paul. I find him the most well-rounded of the group – soulful, flexible vocalist; inventive & incredibly varied composer; good if not great lyriccist; astonishingly multi-talented instrumentalist; determined leadership that seems to have kept the group together as long as it lasted; charming if somewhat driven persona. I think in general, his songs have a greater ratio of hits-to-misses than John. Of course, John wrote more songs, so there was more chance of failure. My very favorite songs are Paul’s: “Eleanor Rigby,” “Blackbird,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” “Day Tripper,” “She’s Leaving Home,” et many many al. His work tends to be highly emotional, insightful, yet the guy can rock out with the best of 'em (“Helter Skelter,” “Day Tripper”).

#2: John. He’s phenomenal and a genius, so why is he #2? He’s certainly close in many of the above categories, but for me there are a few more misses. He’s a better lyricist but not quite as good a composer as Paul (or perhaps it’s fairer to say, not as much to my taste, anyway; I notice that of the few Beatles songs I’m not keen on, most of them tend to be by John), and though his voice is terrific and certainly stronger technically than Paul’s, to me it’s neither as multifaceted/flexible nor as pleasant a sound. I can’t speak about his instrumental talent ‘cause I don’t know as much about what roles he played in their recordings. Personalitywise… well, he was a funny and charming guy, extremely intelligent. But also? Kind of a putz. (His lack of generosity toward the other Beatles’ talents – from insulting George’s vocals to continually diminishing Paul’s contribution – really sours me on him.)

There’s no denying the man was a genius and I have no doubt he’ll probably end up the winner of this poll. People find him deeper and snarkier than the others, and I imagine that will go far here. Honestly, I adore and admire him tremendously, and his songs are among the best ever written. I don’t mean to sound as if I am unaware what a genius he was. He’s just not quite my #1, is all.

#3: Ringo and George are tied at the bottom, but “bottom” is really a misnomer because the other two are rated so damn highly. George is more of a cipher to me, though if he’d done nothing else but write “Taxman” and “Here Comes the Sun” he’d have my undying love – but he also gave us “Love Me To,” “Within You Without You” and “Something,” which Frank Sinatra himself called the greatest love song ever written. And Ringo is a charming, humble, vastly underrated talent. I find his work the glue that holds the rest of the band together. “Day in the Life,” “Tomorrow Never Knows,” and so on.

What a foursome to choose from! And all in one group!

Edited to Add: Like Tengu I’m also pleased by the results so far, but I expect John to pull out as #1 in the final analysis. :slight_smile:

George appears to be popular in the US. Maybe he’s reminiscent of the silent cowboy archetype.

I think I like Paul in-Beatles and John post-Beatles.


George was always my favourite. Less ego than John, cooler than Paul and more intelligent than Ringo.

Ringo. He’s the essential Beatle. The band would not have worked without him, he held them together.

His drum parts were rarely flashy and showy, but they were innovative and always managed to be an essential part of the song. A very musical drummer.

People who don’t know anything about music consistently underrate Ringo as a drummer, but talk to any good rock drummer and they’ll all tell you the same thing: Ringo was a brilliant drummer. Even drummers with far more flashy technique are in awe of Ringo. You’ll never hear a real drummer say anything bad about Ringo’s playing.

Apart from his musical contribution, he was the Beatles’ favourite Beatle.

I voted John, but if you ask me in a few minutes it could be George. So my ranking is:

  1. John/George
  2. Paul
  3. Ringo

All Things Must Pass is my favorite Beatle solo album, followed by Imagine. During the Beatle years I would have to go with John, though.

Depends on whom you admire the most, vs. whom you think is the most talented. I admire George because of the authenticity of his spiritual path; Paul post-breakup sold out to bubblegum pop far too much for my taste; John was an undoubted genius, but some of the stuff he’s done I would not be proud of if I were him; and Ringo is Ringo.

I went with John. The others were all great musicians but, in my opinion, it was Lennon who lifted the Beatles up beyond pop music and made them a historical phenomenon.

Strongly in favor of John, although I love the others, too. I have come to learn that most of my favorite Beatles songs were written primarily by John, and he also contributed bits that I particularly appreciate in other Beatles songs. And his singing was amazing.

Now or when they were popular? Back then, it was Ringo, simply because i never the most popular, so Paul was out, and I could not tell George from John looks wise.
None of them musically, though I think Paul seems nice, as do most cows…

It’s always been George for me, mostly because I prefer his voice over the others. I will admit that John and Paul were better songwriters overall. Ringo is a cool guy and a good drummer but the least vital piece. They still would have been amazing without him.