Who's your favorite original Ghostbuster?

Who’s your favorite of the original Ghostbusters, and why?

(I exclude the new movie not as a sexist gesture, but because I’ve only seen that film once, and I don’t remember it very well.)

Mine would have to be Peter Venkman. He was a real jerk to start out with, but he underwent significant character development in the first film (“I want you inside me!” “Go ahead! No; sounds like you’ve got at least two people in there already.”) and by the second film, he’d kinda mellowed out and was even a little bit humble.

I love all of them, though.

Ray is just so delighted to be part of the group, and always willing to drop six complex sentences of infodump into the conversation - so I’m team Ray.

There was a second film?

Um… I don’t see Spencer, Tracy, or Kong in the poll.

I love Dan Aykroyd in everything, even crappy movies like Dr. Detroit and The Couch Trip. So Ray it is.

I mean the real Ghostbusters. :stuck_out_tongue:

Movies - toss up between space cadet Egon and firmly grounded Winston… Peter’s a sleeze (though not as bad in the second) and Ray doesn’t go as weird as Egon, so isn’t as fun.

Cartoon - toss up between naif Ray and uber-nerd Egon.

IDW Comic - toss up between Ray (who has a slightly expanded role) and Egon. (Yeah, I love the nerds.) Peter moves up in my estimation, having totally taken on the growth from the movies.

Definitely Spencer

Not Tracy?

Venkman. The master manipulator.

I’m a Storch fan…

Egon. Ramis [del]is[/del] was (:() arguably the funniest of all of them IRL, and he plays the straight man in Ghostbusters (and other films) brilliantly.

Gotta go with Bill Murray (OK, Venkman. But he’s really just Bill Murray with a stage name). His opportunism and sarcasm works so well with the wide-eyed naivete of the others.

I like Spengler, but I can’t vote for a guy whose hobby is collecting molds, spores and fungus.

“That would’ve worked if you hadn’tve stopped me.”

How can you not vote for Egon?

Egon. Venkman’s smarminess gets increasingly irritating with repeat viewings, I’ve found.

I’m Team Ray; he was the one I most identified with, even if he wasn’t the funniest overall.

I’ve got to represent for my brother nerd Egon.

Egon & Scotty from TOS, in a workshop fulla junk parts.

Definitely the smart one-Tracy.

Winston, the everyday guy.