Whose face is on the Taliban's money?

Whose face is on the Taliban’s money?

We’ve heard lately how they are strictly enforcing Islamic law against graven images, yet I suspect, much like the quakers, they actually carry little round metal or square paper graven images around with them.

True or false?

That’s a good question; however you make the assumption that there is Afghani money. While it officially exists, I would think that a country without a mint to make it (it’s printed in the UK methinks), a bank to cash it, or a post office to send it somewhere else really cares about money. After all, paper money is an invention of the White Capitalist Pig, and wholly un-Islamic.

http://www.dangerfinder.com might have some more information to you.

Being that it officially exists, though I do appreciate the troubles the Afghans have been through recently, it must have some sort of physical appearance.

As opposed to metal money? Paper money was invented by the Chinese, BTW. I’d be content to know what kind of images are engraved upon Afghani coins. (Although, I imagine it isn’t Buddha.)

Also, your link does not work. Thanks otherwise! :slight_smile:

You may be out of luck.

Here’s a page that has pictures of the money: http://farhadspage.8m.com/notes.htm

There are 2 clear designs of the bills listed there. Most of them seem to have one side with Arabic script in the center. (Might be the Koran, but I can’t read Arabic) The other side has an engraving of some piece of prominent architecture, presumably in Afghanistan.

But some of the other bills use a design that includes a portrait. The guys looks a little like Telly Savalas actually. The page doesn’t say which variation is currently in use though.


The second link, while not having pictures, goes into the details of the Afghani currencies…

The first also has some interesting info. too.

You’re right. The guy does look like Telly Savalas :slight_smile:

Just wanted to step in and say that the question alone was a real hoot!