Whose Line is it Anyway, 4-4-14

I haven’t seen any threads for this revival, is anybody watching?

I always loved Whose Line, so I was glad they brought it back. I watched every episode last season, and was disappointed that they didn’t play some of their best games. I’d like to see more Party Quirks (which they did finally play this season), Foreign Film Dub, and Two Line Vocabulary!

Some of the new players are great, too. Keegan-Michael Key is a natural, and it was nice to see Jonathan Mangum and Heather Anne Campbell join in after seeing them on Drew Carey’s Improv-a-Ganza.

I thought last night’s episode was great, and I think some of it had to do with the shake-up of players. Don’t get me wrong, I think Ryan is fantastic and would hate to see him stop, but when it’s the same three people all the time with one rotating guest, it does get a bit stale. That seems to be why a lot of people prefer the British version of Whose Line. It was nice to see Greg Proops and Jeff Davis interact, something I don’t think has ever happened on Whose Line.

It would be nice to throw some other players into the mix, like Brad Sherwood, Chip Esten, Kathy Greenwood, as well as everyone else I’ve mentioned in the post, and let them interact with each other. Ryan, Colin, and Wayne should be included of course, but the show could use more cast rotation to keep things fresh.

Even better if they could get some of the old British players to show up. What’s Tony Slattery doing these days?

I’m glad you posted this. I have the new season on my DVR, but haven’t convinced myself to watch. I used to love the show, but it was getting a bit repetitive. Some new blood sounds good. I’ll have to check it out.

I also think having Ryan sit out(he was sick in real life, by the way) was actually very refreshing.

They should make more episodes and rotate the cast more.

I seem to recall there was a thread on this a while back, maybe when the show’s return was announced? I’m too lazy to bother with a search now, though.

I’m watching, and I really enjoy the show. It has most of the magic of the earlier versions, but it’s hard to compete with with mists of memory.

I like your idea of rotating cast members - Greg and Jeff were a treat this week, and Keegan was hilarious. Their new thing of bringing on guest stars (usually from other CW shows) helps freshen things up a bit. Sure, none of the guest stars have the talents of the previous Whose Line peeps, but some of them have been adequately funny, and I’m sure they appeal to the more star-hungry section of the show’s audience.

I really like Aisha Tyler, and she mostly does a fine job hosting. Sometimes the yelling grates, but she keeps things moving along pretty well.

Chip Esten won’t be guesting anytime soon – he’s starring on Nashville (as Charles Esten).

ETA: And there was a thread when the new season started: link.

The problem with the guest starts, at least last season, was that it really limited the types of games they could play. With the same games and the same main characters, we kept getting the same jokes.

I feel like it limits the format too much. Occasional guest stars are good. Doing it every show is repetitive.