Season 2 of "Whose Line" revamp starts March 21

Thank god I follow Colin Mochrie on Twitter, otherwise I would’ve missed this.

Oh good, something to do tonight. I like to think my Tivo would have found it whether I knew it was happening or not, but you never know.

I hope they dump the guest star idea. Because that was usually just painful to watch.


Do we know if there are any changes?
The first season had some great moments, but seemed to get repetitive.

Seems they used a few games they didn’t last season, which broke it up a little. But the guest star is still always just cringeworthy.

It continues to be good for at least one bit per show that makes me laugh like a freaking maniac – good enough return on a half hour of my life.

Didn’t know it was back.

Tell me…do they have a regular woman or women guests? So much talent and obviously exponential improv work. Got to be a drag with both the Brit and US versions.

Unless they can get a guest star like Richard Simmons was on the original they might as well skip it.

Still, looking forward to this. Thanks for the heads-up.


That Richard Simmons episode you refer to was AWESOME. I don’t believe that I have ever seen so many people RAOTFLTAO as much as when that episode ran. Freakin’ GOLD!

Did you notice that the cast of the first episode the other night was the same as the Richard Simmons episode?

Wayne, Greg, Collin, and Ryan.

Greg should be a permanent fourth in my opinion. Either him or Brad Sherwood.