Why ads for new $20's?

Why is the US government spending money it does not have to advertise the changes in the new $20 bill? What is the point?? How crazy is it to spend money to advertise new $20’s as if it was a product you were selling (one of the ads ends with "can I have some of the new 20’s also? - like they are a customer going to a store to buy a new $20 bill??)!


So that the clerk at the 7-11 doesn’t call the cops and claim you are trying to pass counterfeit money.

Two reasons I can think of.

First, and least important, is even the dimmest bulb knows that swapping in new currency has costs associated with it. I imagine trying to pep up some interest may help defray negative attitudes toward the new stuff.

Second, and most important, would be to get people a look at the new one. That way there won’t be people accepting the inevitable Monopoly 20’s…

-Joe, I heared that them new 20’s was pink and stuff, so I assumed that was the real thang!

Another reason is that it boosts the economy to an extent. If the new $20 were the coolest thing to ever be seen, everyone would want to see them. The more $20s you have in your wallet, the more you spend them. Hopefully, the boost to the economy by this will offset the cost of printing new currency. It’s not the main reason, but it is a nice secondary benefit.

I heard on the news that there was a lot of confusion about the new $20 and the public needed to be educated on it.

I don’t care why they are doing it, I just want to know how to make the stupid $20 commercial go away.

I was hoping for real color coded money - not just pale backgrounds, but real pinks, reds, blues, yellow, …and greens.

Not too sure about adding plastic windows ala New Zealand bills, though.

That actually happend to a friend of mine at the ATL Airport. A clerk called a cop over because she thought his $20 was fake. The cop came over, looked at the 20 (the newer one that’s getting replaced) and said it looked OK. The clerk still wouldn’t take it so the cop took a twenty out of his pocket and swapped it for my friend’s. Nothing like 12 years of publicly funded school to prepare our young people for the challenges of life.

As I recall, one of the main reasons that it took us so long to change our bill in the first place was public resistance to it. I think this is just an attempt to preempt that kind of thing.

I know they are campy, but no more so than most other advertising, and its not like our currency is some sort of sacred icon which should be above comercialism :slight_smile:

I saw a woman in a Stop-N-Rob a couple of weeks ago refuse to believe that a Sackie was a real dollar, so it’s entirely possible that someone could think that a new $20 wasn’t real. If you ask me, the new ones don’t feel the same as the old.

What dropzone said.

Well, according to my one true love, this is step 2 in the long range plan to bring us to a one-world currency. The ads are just to gradually get us on board with the idea.

Um…how is that spooje?

Hell, if I were smart I would have put up ads offering “real” $10 bills for those risky, new, faky $20 bills. Bet I’d have gotten some takers.

Why, Lord Ashtar, by gradually getting us used to multicolored currency with oval-less pictures and oddball expanses of “blank” space and dopey anti-counterfeit patterns, instead of the black/green currency with rich intaglio scrollwork that Jesus himself gave our forefathers. Before you know it they’ll be putting loons and elk on the money! :wink:

But, wait, how is it the Jews are responsible for this?

It’s devious, nefarious, and anti-American, so they must be, right?

-Joe, out of tinfoil