Why are all cigarettes white?

Seems like they are missing a huge opportunity there. Colors, stripes. American flag. Possibilities are endless.

I once heard it said (perhaps in jest) that you could get just about every man in this homophobic country to quit smoking simply by making them pink.

Are you kidding, do you know how dangerous those dyes are when you smoke them?

Joking aside, I do seem to remember some brands trying the colored paper approach, like the mini-cigar craze in the 1980’s. I’d guess the “opportunity” didn’t catch on with the smoking public.

I believe Black Russians are a different colour.

What it s escapes me for the moment.

In older movies, I remember people smoking European cigarettes that were dark.

But in today’s world, you can have any rainbow of colors. They’ll just set up back an arm and a leg to go along with your lungs.

The More brand, introduced in the 1970s, had a dark brown wrapper. Some friends of my mother’s smoked them (they were targeted towards women); I always thought that they looked like bad 1970s paneling.


Shermans are brown.

Well now you’ve done it. For the first time in my life you’ve made me see cigarettes as something other than little sticks of death. I can see those being enticing to someone like me who is strongly motivated by bright colors and patterns.

My Mom used to smoke those brown Mores. Fortunately she quit about 40 years ago.

I think it was a Paul Provenza line - “You want people to stop smoking? Don’t outlaw cigarettes - just make them pink. All women will immediately stop smoking … and ninety percent of the men.”


In the 1950s, there was a brand called “Vogue”, which came in various pastel colors. Imported, I believe, maybe from France. Also, “Between the Acts”, which were cigarette-shaped cigars. I think they still exist.

I guess it’s as simple as it seems: paper is white so cigarettes are white. Or better: they were always white so we got used to them being white and started expecting them to be white. Why are marshmellows white and pink? Same process. Reminds me of an SD column about why alarm clocks snooze for 9 mins …

Making cigarettes in flag colours or psychedelic tie dye or whatever is probably possible, but costs money. After the initial fashionable coolness wears off, the hip smokers (?) will go back to plain white and no one will pay more for the fancy ones. See the story of the brown cigarettes in the 80s mentioned above.

As for the yellow Gitanes. They’re still sold in France - or at least they were 20 years ago - but as a hipster you do not want to be seen smoking one: those are for chain smoking unwashed old men smelling of sweat and garlic (or so i was told by young French people)

Can you still buy them in the USA?

I can see where smoking on an American flag cigarette might bother some people.

Surely there were American flag rolling papers at Woodstock. :dubious:

By the logic that men would stop smoking just because they were pink wouldn’t it mean that most women would start smoking.

Yes, in the 70s Sobranie cigarettes (the makers of Black Russian) also came in a whole assortment of colours, pink, red, yellow, green, etc. Designed for cocktail parties, I believe. Maybe they still make them, but I gave up smoking in the 80s so I don’t keep up with these things now.

In which homophobic country do you live? Are there really that many homophobes there?

Kipling set the standard.


Djarum Blacks are black, and I don’t recall whether Black Death cigarettes were black or white. Too many years since my silly teenage days apparently…