Why are all the Flash videos I watch in Chrome zoomed in?

For some reason, suddenly all Flash videos and images I look at in Chrome are zoomed in. If I right click and choose Show All or Zoom Out nothing happens. It looks like all I’m seeing is the upper left corner of the video. On YouTube, the little control bar at the bottom is gone.

I don’t have anything zoomed in or out. I tried restarting Chrome.


No one’s experienced this?

…actually: I had experienced this: but I’ve just popped over to youtube and its not happening any more, so something I did in the last week seems to have fixed it and I don’t have a clue what it was sorry. :smiley:

It only happened with me on the large player but not the small player of full screen and I only really noticed it because when I tried to close the adverts on screen the close button was hidden.

Sorry I can’t offer any more help!

It’s happening on all sizes for me. I think I’ll reinstall Chrome and see if that fixes it.

I reinstalled and I still have the same issue. Google is no help. :confused:

Reinstalling Chrome didn’t fix it. Clearing out all cookies (this supposedly includes Flash cookies) didn’t fix it. Rebooting Windows didn’t fix it.


Not that anyone’s interested, but I solved this so I’ll post the solution for the sake of anyone Googling this issue in the future.

The answer involved plugins. To see the plugins in Chrome type


in the address bar.

You have to click on “Details” on the upper right of the plugins page to see the separate Flash plugins. I had 3 Flash plugins. One of them was called “Pepperflash”. The name isn’t obvious unless you look at the file path next to “Location:”.

I disabled Pepperflash. This solved the problem. Don’t ask me how or why.

It started doing it again. I checked and Chrome had re-enabled “Pepperflash”. :mad:

Anyone know how to remove a plugin or at least keep it from being re-enabled?

FWIW, I’ve had a similar problem on my laptop. I think you’re supposed to disable all implementations of Flash except the native Chrome one, which is called… I can’t remember.

In any event, I have better luck with Flash on Chrome on my PC which is years old, rather than on my newish laptop. Go figure.

It may depend on the Windows version. This problem was occurring on my Vista machine at work.

My machine at home is still running XP and I’ve more or less given up on Chrome on that. It runs but won’t load any pages. It just sits there trying forever. I tried reinstalling but that didn’t help. I don’t really need it at home so I haven’t put much effort into investigating it.