Why are audio CDs burned from iTunes skipping?

I have successfully burned audio CDs from iTunes in the past, on this very computer, but now I am having problems.

I am burning a CD of music that I purchased through iTunes. I highlight the playlist, I select Burn, and then when it’s done, I pop the audio CD into my CD player, and it skips. The skipping/stuttering is bad enough to make the CD unplayable.

So far I have tried reducing the burn speed to the lowest possible (1x) and turning off all real-time virus protection and monitoring, and I’m still getting the problem.

Windows XP, iTunes 9. Virus protection software is currently Microsoft Security Essentials, for what that’s worth.

IME this happens when you rip or burn and you get little moments of 100% cpu usage for some reason.

Have you tried a different CD player?

It happens no matter what CD player I use.

drachillix, I’ve had Task Manager open while doing this and I don’t see anything maxing out the CPU.

This is frustrating, because I recently bought a couple of albums via iTunes with the idea of burning them to CD so I could listen to them in the car. If I’d known this was going to be an issue, I just would have bought the actual CD from Amazon or something.

Sounds like:
a) A bad CD burner or
b) Bad discs

to me.

Could also be a bad cable to the burner, or maybe just a dirty laser.