Why Are Bayonet Base Lightbulbs Uncommon in the USA?

A while back, I purchased some ceiling light fixtures-they were purchased by a local electric utility as an energy-saving program. When the bulbs burned out, I had to buy replacements-bayonet base CFLs cost 4-5 times what a standard Edison/screw base bulb does.
Why is this? Bayonet base bulbs are much better in terms of vibration (they do not loosen up). Anyway, how come they never caught on here?

Part of the assault weapon ban was that bayonet mounts are not allowed. That’s why the sale of weapon mounted tactical lights is so high. :smiley:

My guess is that it will be down to patents.

Early US supply systems probably made use of the Edison screw lamp base and this became the default.

Once an electrical distribution and supply system has become the standard, it is remarkably difficult to change.

The big problem with ES lamps is that they are more likely to weld themselves into the fitting, there are other issues too, bayonet fittings nowadays are frequently manufactured so that the electrodes are isolated when the lamp is removed - so you can stick your fingers inside without getting a surprise - that’s as long as you have one of those safety bayo fittings.

Incandescent lights in automobiles are all bayonet mount, for vibration resistance as ralph124c mentioned.

Many are bayonet base, but all glass wedge base bulbs are very common as are the tubular bulbs held between spring contacts.