Why Are Blue Jeans Always Blue?

So I’m a little child watching repeats of Captain Kangaroo on tv. And one of the characters on Captain Kangaroo is Mr. Green Jeans. Then it hits me, Why can’t jeans be some other color than blue? Now it is some years later and I still don’t know: Why can’t they be some other color than blue? I have never encountered jeans that weren’t blue. And they would go with more clothing if they were other colors.

So what’s the answer? :slight_smile:

Are you joking?

Jeans come in virtually every color of the rainbow, and are commonly sold in black, and quite often brown and beige, as well as various girly colours for the ladies. Just walk into a department store.

Sorry about the mistake :smack: . I guess I just don’t get out enough. :slight_smile: Well, I guess it is my job to save this thread now, so let me rephrase the question: Why were jeans originally just blue?

Besides a number of pairs of blue jeans, I also have jeans in tan, black, green and gray. Back in the early 70’s, I had a pair of red Levi’s jeans, when worn with a white button down shirt, navy sleeveless sweater and my white and blue platform saddle shoes, I was quite the fashion plate.

Jeans were originally brown.

Here’s the story. About blue, anyhoo.

Well, let me rephrase it again. At some point, they were primarily blue. Even now they are primarily blue, hence the name blue jeans. Why is this? (Work with me people, I’m doing the best I can to keep this thread afloat :slight_smile: .)

Thank you Mangeorge. I think we double posted.

Tradition. Previous to the 19th century, dyes all came from natural sources, and the color choices suitable for a particular use were limited. The availability of synthetic dyes in all sorts of colors was one of the notable achievements of the early chemical industry.

From http://www.designboom.com/eng/education/denim2.html

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Didn’t Mr. Green Jeans usually wear overalls? (Dungarees for you Brits) Denim to be sure, but not what we usually called “jeans”.

The Captain wore overalls, right? I think Mr. Greenjeans wore, uh, green jeans.
Easy enough to prove.

Wrong. Captain kangaroo wore the silly red coat. Mr. Greenjeans did indeed wear overalls. Green ones.

Which some of us had to take as an article of faith on our B&W TV sets.

OKay, now that your question has been answered…how old are you, and where are you from? I just can’t wrap my head around you never having seen a pair of black jeans (not that they don’t come in other colors too, but black is very popular, and has been for ages).

If you must know, I am in my thirties and I am from Michigan. That is all I care to tell. As to why I have never seen another color of jeans, I don’t know. Maybe I just never looked for them. :slight_smile: